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Buttons are one of the coolest and funnest things to make. Even if you have to make shitloads – which occasionally i do – as long as your machine doesn’t screw up (which, sadly, occasionally mine does) it definitely beats computer work or t-shirts or folding & stapling or most of the other aspects of the Kersplebedeb thing.

And designing buttons is a pleasure (if you have an idea and you’d like me to make it – get in touch!)… in fact my only real problem in that department is that i often have too much of the computer work or t-shirts or folding & stapling or whatnot so actually making the time to design them can be difficult.

Recently – in part thanks to some customers who had suggestions/requests, and in part inspired by the exemplary struggle at Six Nations – i’ve happily made time to make some new designs, for the first time since this blog is up and running. Here they are – with, where required, an explanation/commentary.

(Remember if you would like to order any of these email me at – they cost $1 each – or else go straight to my New Stuff page!)

satire is much better than “constructive criticism”
& the nice thing about pretending to be a right-wing moron
is one can avoid the perils of being a middle-of-the-road moron

no explanation required –
but it reminds me of yet another
reason for my next button:

not to mention Afghanistan, Kelowna and all the rest of it…

“Destruction of all political power is the first duty of the

-Errico Malatesta was an Italian anarchist (you can read more about him here)

“He asked me to eat him… so I did”
the scan of this button doesn’t come out to good, but the actual button is fine –
a friend asked me to make this so i did

hammer & pickle

“Go Hayley Go!”
i really did like the movie Hard Candy, but never had the
time to write a post about it (my fellow settlers with their wacked out psycho racist tendencies have given me plenty of other stuff to blog about) So seeing as i couldn’t write a review, i made a button… (by the way, if you get a chance see the movie!)

somebody has pointed out that the nuclear issue
is “beside the point” so the button would be better
without mentioning it…
perhaps, but i still see one of the most galling parts of
Amerika as World Cop being the fact that these
crusaders are sitting on the world’s biggest
WMD stockpile, they’re the only ones to have ever
used nuked against civilians in wartime (unlike France which
has nuked the South Pacific for years but only in peacetime!),
and yet they pretend to be genuinely shocked at
the idea that someone else may be able to even the odds.

my contribution to exposing/opposing
Canada’s counter-insurgency war

ditto the above re: Canada’s neo-colonial “peacekeeping” racket

ditto the above re: the war that started them all –
the war on the First Nations

same sentiment, different words (and button size, FYI)

in case anybody hadn’t gotten the idea

at which point one assumes one is being clear enough

and of course anti-colonial struggle
is international – this is a Leila Khaled button
using a quote and image from the
Revolutionary Women Stencil book
i distribute

on to a new topic…
the vast majority of radical leftists are
anti-homophobic, but this is a reality
which had to be fought for.
So it’s worth remembering…

of course some of the folks who
finally figured they’d better support homos
nevertheless get all weird with trans people,
and the left as a whole still has a few inconsistencies
on this question, though i’m betting they’ll get ironed out

some customers requested i
make this button, doesn’t it look pretty?

Lucia Sanchez Saornil (1897-1970
was a queer anarchist poet who
fought against the fascists in the
Spanish civil war – this image and quote
from one of her poems is another
migration from the
Women Stencil Book

Groucho Marx and John Lennon…
“I’m a Marxist-Leninist”…
seeing as John got mentioned,
remember “all you need is love”?

and let’s not forget:

some think this is a derogatory word,
but the way i see it it can also mean
anyone who refuses to be penned in by
what our culture says you should or should not feel;

and finally,
to everyone who may take exception to the above,
and who wishes we’d all stay on the
straight and narrow, remember:


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