NEW ISSUE: Re-Build! A New Afrikan Independence Movement Periodical, Summer 2022

The Rebuild Collective has a new issue of their newspaper out for Summer 2022. You can read it online on their website¬†here! You’ll also find lots of news and resources from the New Afrikan Independence Movement, past and present at

The Rebuild Collective is a New Afrikan Independence Movement Formation founded by New Afrikan Nationalists inspired by the thought of Movement theoretician Atiba Shanna and committed to winning the struggle for Independence and Socialism.


Table of Contents

Healing and National Liberation: Reparations Begin Within
Malcolm X: Model of Personal Transformation (by James Yaki Sayles)
Street-holics: Gangbangers, Gangsters and Thugs in search of Revolutionary Transformation
Concerning Ukraine: When Elephants Fight (by NAPO/MXGM)
Welcome Home Comrad! Maumin Khabir Wins Compassionate Release After 27 years
News Briefs


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