NEW: Re-Build! A New Afrikan Independence Movement Periodical, Summer 2021

The Rebuild Collective has a new issue of their newspaper out for Summer 2021. You can read it online on their website here!

The Rebuild Collective is a New Afrikan Independence Movement Formation founded by New Afrikan Nationalists inspired by the thought of Movement theoretician Atiba Shanna and committed to winning the struggle for Independence and Socialism.

Table of Contents
-Gardening for Reparations and Self-Determination
-Film Review: “Judas and the Black Messiah”
-To Fulfill the Mandate by Owusu Yaki Yakubu
-Detroit Activists Devise New Strategy to Fight City Hall
-The National Flag of New Afrika: The history and meaning behind the Rd, Black, and Green
-ReBuild Collective interviews Sister Akuah
-The Power of the Word
-NYT Columnist advocates a return to the Black Belt in bestselling book: Book Review: “The Devil You Know” by Charles Blow
-The Importance of rev consciousness in establishing organizational security protocols
-Thinking of Gaza and Detroit
-Political Prisoner Update


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