New Webstore at!

It is with great pleasure that i can tell you that — the webstore associated with kersplebedeb — has been completely overhauled.

For the longest time, the previous shopping cart system was giving my grief. It was not flexible enough, and was not able to be tweaked and modified in the ways i wanted. Not only that, but even the people who made the software seemed unable to help make the necessary changes.

The new store is not 100% there yet, but it is up and running, and hopefully you’ll find it to be better and easier to navigate that what i had before. Check out the search features, new FAQ, and all the products we now have uploaded.

Users who had accounts on the old system will need to create new accounts on the new system, and that means bookstores and distros will need to do so and then let me know, so i can make sure you get the discounts you’re used to…

We’ll still be cleaning things up and making things more shiny and sparkly over the weeks to come, but in the meantime, check it out!

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