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nv_coversThe authors of Night-Vision: Illuminating War and Class on the Neo-Colonial Terrain have been working on significant additional material to include in a new edition, which is to be published by Kersplebedeb in 2017.

That said, given the current political conflagration — itself a clear manifestation of the deadly deepening tensions between processes of neocolonial desettlerization and neocolonial revanchism — we felt it was important to make this book available. For that reason, it is being uploaded to amazon, with some minor alterations, but without the new material that is expected next year. This is a slightly modified version of the 1993 edition, available on amazon for download, and from November 24-28 for free (after that $4.95):

(a big thank you to everyone who worked on transcribing this!)

Some people found the recent giveaway we did of Settlers on Amazon confusing, because it gives you two options, to sign up for “Kindle Unlimited” or to “Buy Now”. Given that this is free, some people thought the former was the thing to click, and then were disappointed that they were being asked to subscribe to Amazon’s not-free service. To be clear: when going to Amazon to download a free book, you click on the “Buy Now With One Click” button, not the Kindle unlimited button.


The transformation to a neo-colonial world has only begun, but it promises to be as drastic, as disorienting a change as was the original european colonial conquest of the human race. Capitalism is again ripping apart & restructuring the world, and nothing will be the same. Not race, not nation, not gender, and certainly not whatever culture you used to have.

Now you have outcast groups as diverse as the Aryan Nation and the Queer Nation and the Hip Hop Nation publicly rejecting the right of the u.s. government to rule them. All the building blocks of human culture—race, gender, nation, and especially class—are being transformed under great pressure to embody the spirit of this neo-colonial age.

The definitive analysis of postmodern capitalism, the decline of u.s. hegemony, and the need and possibilities for a revolutionary movement of the oppressed to overthrow it all. Now available in ebook format from Amazon:


“A book that should be read by anyone who gives a damn about a non-racist, non-sexist, non-homophobic future.” — Bo Brown, former political prisoner

“Night-Vision was so compelling to me because it has a spirit of militancy which reformist feminism tries to kill because militant feminism is seen as a threat to the liberal bourgeois feminism that just wants to be equal with men. It has that raw, unmediated truth-telling which I think we are going to need in order to deal with the fascism that’s upon us” — bell hooks

“Confronted with a world that is disintegrating daily under patriarchy, women need a book like this which begins to challenge us to build a truly communal way of life.” — Liz Fink, Attica prison rebellion lawyer

“This book gives new insight into the powerful force of neo-colonialism, a reality of today’s world which is worldwide in scope. Neo-colonialism is revealed as hard to fight for it has found a way to scramble relationships, making it difficult to clearly know one’s enemy. This book also binds together sex, race, and class in a new form, a form which helps one to grasp the interlocking nature of these oppressions. Night-Vision is well worth reading and studying.” — Mary I. Buckley

“Lee and Rover argue that the very ascension of the global economy is the backdrop for the disturbing surge of ethnic and national antagonisms, as players below the world ruling class level frantically scramble to control pieces of territory in order to have some arena of power. (While this insight is helpful, it is not adequate because it doesn’t explain why these forces won’t instead ally in order to enhance their power.) There’s been a shift from a bipolar world of the colonizers vs. the colonized to a more fluid and chaotic world of transnational capital on top of a range of fragmented subgroups let loose to fight out their sectional needs. The resulting series of social conflicts are not moral issues to the ruling class but simply matters of the maximization of profit for capital. They are perfectly willing to let these subgroups fight it out for position – and then make use of the victors against the losers and of the conflict itself to maintain social control from above.” — David Gilbert, political prisoner

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