Demand No More Death Penalty Trials for Zolo Agona Azania!

DEMAND NO MORE DEATH PENALTY TRIALS FOR ZOLO AGONA AZANIA The death penalty is arbitrary, racist and political. A prime example of this is the case of ZOLO AGONA AZANIA.

Over 22 years after Zolo and two other men were convicted of killing a Gary Police Officer, while

fleeing from a bank robbery, the State of Indiana is trying for the third time to get a death sentence for Zolo Azania.

In the course of two prior sentencing trials over two decades the State of Indiana through their prosecutors and court system, have suppressed favorable evidence, threatened witnesses to lie, presented false evidence and have systematically excluded Black jurors from sitting on Zolo’s prior juries. The Indiana Supreme Court has twice ruled that Zolo’s constitutional rights were violated and that he was denied a fair sentencing trial.

Yet despite Zolo’s peaceful and productive life, writing, painting and reaching out to people, young and old, white and black, while living over 22 years under thedraconian conditions of death row, the State pf Indiana wants a jury to again vote to execute Zolo. Denied his right to be tried in the place of the offense, Lake County (Gary Indiana) because of the substantial Black population and forced to appear before a judge who has already once sentenced him to death and is an alcoholic, running for re-election, Zolo can not receive a fair sentencing trial.

Fundamental Human Rights demand an end to this travail. No More Death Penalty Trials for Zolo.



We want to motivate people to think independently and critically for themselves.

Enough of police who plant evidence and frame people. Enough of prosecutors who cover it up. Enough of racist or prejudicial judges who condone the miscarriage of justice and human rights abuse. Let the media hear your essential moral voice and know that concerned people are still watching.


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