Queer Jesus?

Queer Religious Links For Christian links check out Was Jesus Gay…


Asatru-Q (Queer Asatruar)



Trttiya-prakrti: People of the Third Sex (evidence of gay culture/acceptance in Vedic India)
GALVA Resources Page (Gay and Lesbian Vaisnava Association)
GALVA108 Group (Gay and Lesbian Vaisnava Association)
LGBT Hindus Yahoo! Group



Frum Gay Jews
Orthodykes (Jewish Lesbian) 
Orthogays (Jewish gay men)
Twice Blessed (Jewish Queer)



Bimuslims (email list)
Danial’s Cave – homepage of a queer Muslim from Pakistan
Gay Muslims (LBGTQ email list)
Huriyah – a magazine of LBGT Muslims
Iman (lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Muslim women and biofemailes only email list)
In the Name of Allah – documentary about LBGT Muslims
International Gay Muslim Assiociation
Queer Jihad
Queer Moslems (email list)
Transmuslims (email list)
The Yoesuf Foundation  

Also be sure to check out Sapho’s Guide to LesBiGay Religion



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