Our Commitment Is to Our Communities: David Gilbert Interviewed by Bob Feldman


In the 2014 Certain Days calendar, political prisoner David Gilbert wrote that the “War on Crime” which began in the early 1970s was in fact a conscious government counterinsurgency strategy to decimate and disrupt Black and other people of color communities across the United States.

In this pamphlet, interviewed by Bob Feldman, David uses this observation as his starting point to discuss the ongoing catastrophe that is mass incarceration, connecting it to the continued imprisonment of political prisoners and the challenges that face our movements today. This interview was conducted by mail in March 2014, by Bob Feldman. A shorter version originally appeared in The Shadow newspaper, issue 56, Spring 2014. (Shadow Press, P.O. Box 20298, New York, NY 10009. Email: shadowpress@rocketmail.com)

This pamphlet is available from AK Press and leftwingbooks.net: https://www.leftwingbooks.net/our-commitment

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Our Commitment Is to Our Communities
Mass Incarceration, Political Prisoners, and Building a Movement for Community-Based Justice

David Gilbert Interviewed by Bob Feldman

PRICE: $5.00
ISBN: 978-1-894946-65-0
SIZE: 5.5 x 8.5
FORMAT: Saddle-stitched pamphlet

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Our Commitment is to Our Communities is an important intervention in which David Gilbert, an anti-imperialist political prisoner since 1981, provides a refreshingly political analysis of the mass incarceration and mass movements for radical change. The goal is to get this pamphlet into the hands of as many people as possible, to spark discussion, and help strengthen our collective struggles.

You can help by ordering copies (special prices for bulk orders) for your organization, reading group, bookstore, infoshop or community space. By downloading the ebook (available from Amazon here) and discussing it, reviewing it, just giving it a rating on Amazon. (It is free for the next five days, and only 99 cents after that.) Or simply by sharing this notice of publication, the press-sheet, or the associated facebook virtual pamphlet launch event page!

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About the Author

David Gilbert, a longtime anti-racist and anti-imperialist, first became active in the Civil Rights movement in 1961. In 1965, he started the Vietnam Committee at Columbia University; in 1967 he co-authored the first Students for a Democratic Society pamphlet naming the system “imperialism”; and he was active in the Columbia strike of 1968. He went on to spend a total of 10 years underground, building a clandestine resistance.

David has been imprisoned in New York State since 10/20/81, when a unit of the Black Liberation Army along with allied white revolutionaries tried to get funds for the struggle by robbing a Brinks truck. This tragically resulted in a shoot-out in which a Brinks guard and two police officers were killed. David is serving a sentence of 75 years (minimum) to life under New York State’s “felony murder” law, whereby all participants in a robbery, even if they are unarmed and non-shooters, are equally responsible for all deaths that occur. While in prison, he’s been a pioneer for peer education on AIDS and has continued to write and advocate against oppression. He’s been involved with the annual Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar since 2001 and has written two books from prison that are available from Kersplebedeb and PM Press: No Surrender and Love and Struggle.

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