Our Sacred History and white man lies

While i was away i received a ton of email, which i’m just sorting through now.

One of the notices in my Inbox was for this online documentary which may be of interest to many of you:

Our Sacred History and white man lies is an online documentary about the history of AIM and political repression from the FBI. Included in this documentary are contributions made by Warrior John Graham. The Anna Mae murder case is analysed with a magnifiying glass, and is proving to be more white man lies. Ultimately the ball is in the courts of today’s generation of Warriors to stand strong with our Sisters and Brothers who are being targetted in the Anna Mae murder case. Anna Mae was an inspiring leader of AIM, and we need to open our eyes to the fact that her contributions and her memory are being exploited by the FBI to trash AIM, her own organization.

It can all be seen on the John Graham Defense Committee website.


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