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In 2004 I added a page of photos were taken on July 28th at the anti-WTO demonstration in Montreal. Mainly cops were photographed because i didn’t want to take photos where demonstraters could be identified. So its mainly just a page of cop-photos. The page includes a bunch of thumbnail photos with links to much larger ones (i.e. 2 megs+) and a brief summary of the demonstration and how it got busted up. These pictures can be used by Left organizations, but seeing as there may be some subjective interpretation of what that means please email me first. Click here to see all the photos.

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Montreal Police

Killer Cops

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Women, the Police and the Prison System

Police Domestic Abuse

Women, Police and Prison

On March 5th 2005 Toronto community activist Wendy Maxwell, aka Nzinga, was arrested by the cops while selling cookies at an International Women’s Day event.

What was her crime? Being a queer Black “non-status” immigrant from Costa Rica; being a woman who could and would stand up for herself and others…

To read more, check out the old “Bring Wendy Maxwell Home!” Kersplebedeb Page

Police Abuse Links

Amadou Diallo:
We Will Not Forget!

Amadou DialloOn February 4th 1999, Guinean immigrant and New York street vendor Amadou Diallo died in a hail of police bullets. He had been about to enter his apartment building. The police who killed him (all of whom are white) claimed to have mistaken his wallet for a gun.

On February 25th 2000, his killers – four NYPD officers – were found not guilty on charges ranging from murder to reckless endangerment. The jurors accepted their excuse that it was all a sad case of “mistaken identity.”

What follows is a sampling of texts from the time:

Black Radical Congress Statement
The Black Press Diallo archive
Mid-Atlantic Infoshop 5/2/1999 article
Millions For Mumia organization statement 
Mumia Abu Jamal’s statement
African Planet 25/2/2000 article
Revolutionary Worker 5/3/2000 article
Workers World 16/3/2000 article
Harlem Live’s Coverage of the Diallo Slaying 
41 Bullets – The Village Voice’s Amadou Diallo Archive Reform the CCRB and the NYPD  

Articles from Albion Monitor

Diallo Verdict Demonstrates System Corruption
Police Abuse is Invisible Crime
Cop in Diallo Case Had Killed Man In Similar Incident
“Dear Amadou…”

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