Prison Chant :: Marilyn Buck

Prison Chant 

Marilyn Buck

Cassandra is on the phone
her screams bounce off walls
staccato chant
          Maurice listen to me
          Stop listen to me
          you must be responsible
          I’m not there
          take care of your sister
          help her
          I don’t care
          she’s young
          you’re grown
          20 is grown
          I’m sorry you must
          be responsible
          I’m not there
          Let me talk to her
          LISA LISA
          listen to me
          listen to your brother
          TIME OUT
          what’s going on
          Stop STOP STOP
          I’m sorry

no the phone has cut me off
I need more time
please let me call again
I know you’re next
please Jesusfathergod
I must call back
I’m going to call again
I know it’s your turn
you have to wait

          Maurice I’m sorry
          I’m not there
          what can I do
          I know your brother’s dead
          yes I told
          I had to
          to come home
          yes I’m still here
          you’re there
          you’re alive
          you must be responsible
          I’m not there
          I’m still not there

This poem is also read by devorah major, third Poet Laureate of San Francisco, on Marilyn’s poetry CD Wild Poppies , produced in 2004 by Freedom Archives and available from – click here for more details.

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