RCMP Dirty Tricks

Comrades should be reading the following article, not because we have any sympathy with drug lords – reactionary scum often in bed with the cops – but because what the RCMP did to them they will most certainly be willing to do to us…

The victims of this police investigation had not been found guilty of anything, but had their homes broken into, money stolen, and were set up to go on a murderous vendetta against each other as a result.

You know if they’re pulling this shit here, they’re gonna be doing worst against the oppressed and against any revolutionary or insurgent movement they can fuck with. COINTELPRO Canadian style…

From today’s Gazette:

Alleged trafficker reels as $2.9 million vanishes
RCMP took cash from basement hiding spot

Published: Tuesday, March 13, 2007

During its three-year investigation of the Italian Mafia in Montreal, the RCMP secretly broke into cars, homes and safes of alleged drug dealers and bookmakers, seizing millions of dollars in cash and sowing dissent and confusion among gangsters that almost led to a homicide.

On the night of Sept. 14, 2006, the RCMP, acting on a search warrant, broke into a Laval home belonging to the parents of a suspected drug trafficker and seized $2.9 million.

The trafficker and his wife and parents were on vacation in Las Vegas when police searched the house. The money belonged partially to the trafficker and partially to Giuseppe (Pep) Torre, according to court documents.

Police allege that Torre operated a drug-smuggling ring through Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. The drug trafficker, who cannot be named because of a court order, organized cocaine shipments for Torre, police allege.

The RCMP found the money hidden under the basement steps in a metal box and in a sports bag. The two containers were stuffed with 28,794 $100 bills, plus one $50 bill.

The police seized both containers of cash.

The next day, the trafficker returned alone from Las Vegas and panicked when he discovered the theft. As police listened on their wiretaps, the trafficker immediately called Torre, told him about the missing cash and said: “Pep, I’m finished.”

“Don’t tell me this, man,” Torre replied.

The trafficker asked Torre to come to his parents’ home.

Then he called his wife and father in Las Vegas. “Listen to me, they took everything. I have nothing left, so … nothing, nothing.”

His father tried to reassure him, reminding him that he was still alive. The trafficker told his father the robbers must have known the money was in the house.

He said what really shocked him was that just before leaving for Las Vegas, “I put in an extra $250,000.”

The trafficker told his father he believed his brother-in-law was the thief.

Police then picked up a call to Torre from the trafficker’s wife in Las Vegas. She pleaded with him to go to her home in Laval and retrieve money she had hidden behind towels in the bathroom. He could not go because he had to protect his parents’ home.

In another phone call, the trafficker told Torre: “I’m gonna f—g choke the guy, cause I’m gonna kill him.” Police claim he was referring to his brother-in-law.

The trafficker phoned his sister, told her about the theft and accused her husband. She denied he had anything to do with the theft and told him he should be looking at his “black friends.”

The trafficker then phoned Alarme Sentinelle, the company that had the security contract for his parents’ home.

“The (thieves) are right now counting their millions, all in browns ($100 bills). It’s my money. It’s my life. It’s my daughter. It’s my whole future.”

The trafficker called his sister and told her he was going to get his gun and find her husband. He then headed downtown to look for his brother-in-law.

About 10 minutes later, Montreal police stopped the trafficker, searched his car and found a firearm. The car was seized and the trafficker arrested.

After the arrest, Torre arranged for several sacks of money to be picked up at the trafficker’s home in Laval. Torre got his wife, Polisena delle Donne, to fetch the money.

On Sept. 18, Torre held a meeting at the Bar Laennec with fellow alleged underbosses to discuss the $2.9-million loss. The police had bugged the bar.

In a second incident, police followed a bookmaker around the city as he delivered money. The man had been running cash from illegal gambling operations in Ottawa and Montreal where betters gambled about $1 billion a year, primarily on sports.

When he left his car to enter a betting shop, police opened his trunk and took a suitcase containing about $43,000 in cash.

In a third case, police broke into the home of another suspected drug dealer, opened his safe and seized about $200,000 in Canadian and $80,000 U.S. cash.

Again, the drug dealer had no idea who had taken his money.

The three-year investigation ended on Nov. 22, 2006, when police arrested 91 people, including alleged leaders of Montreal’s Italian Mafia Nicolo Rizzuto, 82, Francesco Arcadi, Paola Renda, Giuseppe Torre, Lorenzo (Skunk) Giordano and Francesco del Balso. The trafficker who lost the $2.9 million was also charged.

The charges include drug trafficking, illegal gambling, money laundering and gangsterism. A trial date has not yet been set.


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