[Reclamation Site] June 1st Update from Hazel Hill

Just in my mailbox (please note that i have reformatted this adding paragraph breaks):

Good Morning from Grand River.

When I woke up this morning all I could see was the fog and dampness that surrounded everything.¬†¬†Kind of echoed my mood of impending doom.¬†¬†My thoughts were along the lines of “what are they up to?”

For the past week since the deadline of May 31st kept creeping closer, my heart became heavier and my mind could not escape the thoughts of the government and their continued use of force against our people when they are placed in a situation of having to tell the world the truth, or continue on their path of assimilation and genocide.

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Then I hear that judge marshall has ordered a hearing of all parties concerned with what they call “douglas creek” .¬†¬†He wants to know WHY no one is enforcing his ruling and listening to him and his law.¬†¬†Apparently the rail line got an injunction on May 4th to have the barricade that we have on the rail line removed, and marshall wants to know why they opp haven’t taken action on that, and of course why they haven’t taken action on the original 3 injunctions to have us removed from the land reclamation site.¬†¬†By the way it is now being call Kanenhstaton (the protected place)¬†¬† To my knowledge, none of our people have any intention of going to this hearing.¬†¬†How could we?¬†¬†I was asked so many times yesterday by news reporters of what I thought of what marshall was saying and was I going to the hearing.¬†¬†My response was “I cannot accede jurisdiction to another government or another law”.¬†¬†They wanted to know what that meant, “does that mean you’re not going?”¬†¬†I just repeated my words and told them it means what it means. I think they got the picture.

Many people are talking about going to the court house, and not going into court, but standing together outside, as if to say, “we’re here, but we’re telling you that you don’t have the authority to enforce your laws upon us”. It would be a subtle attempt to slap in the face so to speak.¬†¬†Anyway, the message will be loud and clear either way.

This morning has been a struggle to say the least!¬†¬† This is my third attempt at getting this up-date out.¬†¬†I would get so far, and each time my computer would all of a sudden black out and shut down.¬†¬†I was warned that one of our “supporters” could be working for the government and has sent out these viruses to crash all of our computers.¬†¬†Not too far fetched when you think of how the computer has been able to connect all of our people from coast to coast in solidarity and support for us here.¬†¬†This little instrument has been the key to getting the message out to all of our brothers and sisters across the world so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they have master minded yet again another strategy to shut us up.¬†¬†SOOOO, watch what you open.¬†¬†Can’t say as I know where it is coming from or even if it is true, just an awareness to share.

Anyway, as I was typing this morning and feeling nothing but despair and worry, all of a sudden I felt this light from my peripheral vision first, and then I could feel it on my face.¬†¬†I was sitting next to a sliding glass door that opens to the east, and when I looked out, I could see the sun slowly peeking its way through those clouds.¬†¬†Then I was reminded that everything was ok.¬†¬†We have yet another day.¬†¬†A new beginning.¬†¬†It’s like a message coming through those dark clouds that we are not alone.¬†¬†The Creator is watching and there is a plan in place even if we don’t know what it is. As long as we all continue on the path that we are on.¬†¬†Upholding the Law, upholding the Peace, trusting and honouring Creation and continuing on together as ONE.¬†¬†It’s ok.

Sometimes I get so caught up in wondering what “they” are up to, I forget that our only responsibility is to the Creator. When we TRUST in the Creator, in ourselves and each other as Onkwehonweh, then it doesn’t matter what they do.¬†¬†I know in my heart that what we are doing is for the highest good of our people and no matter what, we have to continue.

As we talked around the fire and around the site last night, I had many people sharing different things.¬†¬†One of which was a message this young man had received from his mother who has now passed on.¬†¬†it was a simple but significant message at this time in our lives.¬†¬†“the Creator is coming”.¬†¬†A few of us talked about prophecies we had heard, and while I’m not sure of the exact wording of the prophecy, I remember hearing the Hopi prophecy where they talk about a time when we would reach a crossroad. Where the Onkwehonweh will have to choose.¬†¬†We either go back to the earth, our roots, and learn to live from the earth and all that she provides for us, or continue on the path of money and power, the latter of which will eventually lead to that next war.

When I first heard that prophecy probably 10 years ago, I thought “yeah right” we’re all gonna die cause no one is going to give up that dollar.¬†¬†It is easy to see now how wrong I was.¬†¬†Our people have come together in peace and solidarity, not because we see a financial gain in what we are doing, but we have come together to protect the land.¬†¬†The very essence of our beings and for the good of our future. For the unborn children.¬†¬†We ARE doing what we have been instructed to do. Not from any individual but from the spirit within.¬†¬†So, for that, this morning I am grateful,¬†¬†my heart is now uplifted again and I can look to today with anticipation.

Yesterday was a good day.¬†¬†If you caught the news, our people went up the Brantford Charity Casino to hand out flyers and remind the Crown that, that land that the Casino is on is our land too.¬†¬†That the haldimand tract runs from its’ mouth to its source six miles on either side and that Brantford was told before they even began any construction there that the Six Nations maintain that as unceded territory.

Naturally the press wanted to know if we were saying that we should have a share in the revenues from the casino. I told them that we were not there because of the money.¬†¬†We were there to make a point.¬†¬†To educate the Canadian people that the land was ours and that the unceded territory is not just the one little piece that we have reclaimed near ‘caledonia’.

It was also set up yesterday because our delegates were back at the table with the crowns representatives from the feds and prov beginning the talks.  You probably all have heard by now that Peterson is trying to go back on the agreement that was reached to get the first barricade down.  He is trying to say that the Burtch property was only being returned if all three barricades came down.

This happened at a meeting with him on Monday, and our delegates basically told him to go home and do some research because that is not the agreement that we made and that is not the understanding of our people.¬†¬†So during yesterdays talks with Jane Stewart and this new guy Ron Doering¬†¬†(he was sitting in for Barbara McDougall);¬†¬†Allen McNaughton read a statement to them that basically said “the actions of the government of Ontario in the negotiations of a peaceful resolution to the land right issues within Six Nations territory are dishonorable”.¬†¬†He reminded them of the agreement that had been reached and that apparently David Peterson has no authority to resolve the issue, and that his actions does not bode well for the re-establishment of our relations.¬†¬†Good job delegates!¬†¬†He reminded them as well that we have a relationship with our Chiefs and delegates based on trust and respect, and if their (the government’s) actions cause the people to question the honor of our Chiefs/Delegates, then the people will take matters into their own hands.¬†¬†I hope they got the message.

There has been a lot of concern as well about this letter that is circulating from the “Mohawk Nation of Grand River” signed by Edwin S. Hill (Ted Squire) for those who don’t know.¬†¬†This was brought to the fire on Monday because it is believed that this letter has reached the government officials and could jeopardize the talks and progress that we have made as Onkwehonweh.

While we all know and understand that one clan cannot speak for a nation and that there is a process within our law to deal with any problem that arises, this letter that is circulating basically means nothing.¬†¬†It is only paper.¬†¬†It is not the law.¬†¬†For those “Mohawks” of the Orreregowah Clan, it is up to you to address these people who have put this letter out.¬†¬†To my knowledge, there has been no Mohawk Nation meeting called to invite ALL Mohawks of all the territories to send out any such correspondence, and again, it is just an attempt to discredit the people who sit at the discussion table on our behalf.¬†¬†I have continually tried to remind people, including some of those who support this letter, that it doesn’t matter who is sitting at the table, they carry the voice of our people, and we are the one’s who are making the decisions.¬†¬†For some of our people, they have no problem trusting that.¬†¬†For others, for reasons known only to them, they chose to undermine and try to destroy what is good.¬†¬†It seems these people feel threatened by the fact that Allen MacNaughton is sitting at the table.¬†¬†They bring forward these papers to indicate somehow that he is not a chief etc., etc.¬†¬†we have been hearing this for over 20 years.

From what I know Allen and his mother were condoled through the longhouse.¬†¬†Given that, if there is a problem with him, it is his clan that must deal with it.¬†¬†Not the orreregowah wolf clan, and not the rest of the confederacy.¬†¬†There is a process and protocol that must be followed within the teachings and the Law, and as far as I know, this has never been done. So, my advice to everyone, is as I said, it means nothing.¬†¬†It’s only paper. (remember, even Pope John Paul II the crowns former spiritual advisor, reminded the world that “it’s not the law, it’s only paper). He knew that the crowns laws were only created to undermine the True Law of the Land , the Kaierenekwah.¬†¬†This letter is no different.

As far as the damage that might have been done to our position with ‘negotiations’ and the land reclamation; the other government that they send their correspondence to has nothing to do with the internal politics and structure of our house.¬†¬†We know that we have to work hard to re-build our house, but it is not for their government to interfere.¬†¬†The people have sent our delegates there in good faith, and we will continue to support them.

Anyone who has a concern of any matter with respect to what we are doing and the decisions that are being made, are welcome to join us at the fire.  Alan, Jock, Joe and the rest of them, have been fulfilling their obligations to the people by carrying our voices forward.  They have not made any agreements without coming back to the fire and I believe that they will continue with the process that was given to us.

It appears that many people want to throw a monkey wrench into what we are doing rather than joining us and working together.¬†¬†Remember, the Law when it was given was for all Onkwehonweh, and the original league of nations, our confederacy was symbolically tied together with those bundle of arrows.¬†¬†Take one arrow out and try to stand alone it is easily defeated.¬†¬†Keeping them bound together it cannot be broken.¬†¬†Not only that, we have called on all of the Onkwehonweh Nations of the World to join us in upholding our Law and upholding the Peace.¬†¬†We are proceeding together as ONE, and we are continuing, regardless of the attempts of a few.¬†¬†To me, it doesn’t matter who you are.¬†¬†My understanding of that peace and that tree is those four white roots reach out in the four directions. Anyone who chooses to take solace under that tree and live according to the Law of Creation, can take shelter and live as indicated. If I’m wrong, please feel free to correct me.

Next meeting with the delegates is scheduled for Friday.  As soon as I know what marshall has up his sleeve with the hearing today, I will let everyone know.  It is no good to live in fear and wonder if he is going to send in the army and opp.  it is for us to be prepared all across the world, if they so chose to act irresponsibly, then we will remind them that Six Nations is not alone.

Have a good day, keep the peace and stay strong!




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