[Reclamation Site] May 25th Upate from Hazel Hill

Sago from Grand River.

It’s been a few days since my last update and the atmosphere at the camp has been a dramatic change since then. When the events unfolded on Monday after our original attempt at keeping the PEACE and opening the first barricade on Plank Road (Argyle St) i wondered if we’d ever be able to come to consensus again to continue with our original agreement and open up the barricade. The tension was very high and with the continued attempts by the instigators among the Caledonians to fuel the fire and taunt our people, it left many with hardened and heavy hearts, including my own. It was hard to even consider sitting at the fire and once again discussion showing “good faith” and continuing with our plan to re-open plank road.

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Many people were angry at the display of racism and violence instigated by the non-native’s, especially when the media made it out to be the native’s who were at fault. Nothing that should be news to us however. The remarks at calling for the army to come in, the one-sided reporting of some of the larger media portraying caledonia citizens of the victims of terrorist acts and the 30 or so of our people who were pepper-sprayed compared to maybe 3 or 4 of the non-natives showed exactly what we have been saying all along. When it comes to the Onkwehonweh and the issue of land rights, there is no justice. We get labelled terrorists because we continue to work under the Great Law of Peace, and trying to maintain peace while being met with acts of war is hard to swallow.

Many of our supporters and e-mails suggested that forget it, keep up the barricades. Don’t open them up because of the safety of our people was threatened. And to be honest with you, it continues to be threatened whether the barricades are there or not. The non-native people who have fear and anger in their hearts continue to try to intimidate, continue to show their ignorance, and continue to refuse to look at the truth regardless.

But the people chose to trust. Trust in each other, trust in the people, trust in the Kaierenekowah and trust in the process of our Law as well as ultimately in our Creator. The people made a decision to go ahead and open the barricade again, and this time we made it very clear to the opp that they are responsible for their people and that should anything occur again that threatens the safety of our people, if anyone violates the peace that we have extended, the barricade on argyle street will be put up immediately and there will be no more chances. It was decided that ONE MORE TIME we will show that good faith. Many people believe we have shown that “one more time” too many times, but we did it. And while there was uncertainty, it was definitely an empowering decision. We were upholding our Law. We were maintaining our authority on our land, including plank road, by determining the conditions of the policing etc; and upholding our responsibilities and obligations to our people and allowing the process that has been established between the crowns representatives and the delegates of the people to continue.

I had one caledonia resident ask if it was David Peterson who helped negotiate bringing down the barricade or if the Six Nations people who did it themselves. I told him absolutely mr. peterson played no role in the barricade coming down and that it was all the six nations people who did it. He was quite happy to hear that. Another caledonian thanked me and shook my hand. And while the main gate to the site is blocked by the hydro tower and manned by the men, the atmosphere is almost as it was before the opp invaded on april 20th. Many supporters are once again honking and stopping by to show their support. Bringing coffee and stopping to talk. It is a good feeling and far outweighs the angry outbursts of a few individuals who probably don’t even live in or near caledonia. The “paid protesters” is what i call them.

We all know that the government’s plan when dealing with “native land occupations” is to make the negotiations fail, and they have every intention of making sure this one does as well. We still have the idiots who try to come into the camp, try to steal our flags, and try to incite trouble, but the rotiskenrekethe are right on top of everything and when a situation arises, they deal with it. I am very proud of the men who have put their own personal lives on hold to uphold their obligations to the Kaierenekowah, and to all of the Six Nations Territories and families whose men have come to help and support, as well as other Onkwehonweh Nations; Nya Weh Kowah to you too!

The skepticism and doubt still exists among many of our people as to whether we made the right choice. Even one of the clanmothers shared her concerns with respect to the safety of our people, but she applauded everyone for their efforts and good minds at having come to the decision and standing by it. But we are a long way from having the peaceful resolution we are all seeking. we have yet the barricade on the railway as well as the #6 hwy by-pass which peterson expects to have managed to resolve by may 31st. In fact, that is david peterson’s only mandate. To “get the barricades down and then we’ll talk” he continues to use the rule that they won’t talk while the barricades are up. Yet they expect us to talk while threats of court injunctions being enforced through violent actions of opp still hang over our head. I guess maybe he does understand us a little. Our people are not intimidated by threats of violence and court injunctions. They mean nothing to us.

In an interview today i was asked the question of what it would take to see some resolve. I told them that for me, it would be for canada to admit to the world that they are guilty of the biggest white collar crime in the history of their people. Since the so-called existence of corporate canada, the crown has knowingly committed land theft not only of the haldimand tract, but for the whole of turtle island; and reaped the benefits of the land through fraudulent taxation of its citizens, has sucked the land of all of the resources to the tune of billions and billions of dollars being embezzled through the intentional fraudulent acts. And they call us criminals!!

To me, an admittance of guilt would be appropriate, then we can begin working on righting the wrongs that they have committed. Perhaps that is what should be put to mr. peterson at the negotiating table. As representative of the crown, his mandate should be first to accept responsiblity. Stop playing us for the fools he believes us to be and start being accountable for the actions of the crown. They have yet to provide anything that shows they understand the depth of the crime that they have committed. If peterson really believes that sitting at a table to discuss when the barricades are coming down will see the results that he anticipates, perhaps her majesty better begin preparing the next delegate mandated to speak to our people. The barricades are not the issue. Theft, fraud, misappropriation of our lease monies and molestation and intercourse of the Holy Grail is what we are talking about! Let’s get real peterson! The crown has usurped her authority through trickery lies and deciept and the Onkwehonweh have their eyes open and we are standing at the head. We are the Holy Grail and we are ready to defend the Peace through any means necessary.

Do i think caledonia and canadians have a right to be angry? Absolutely! But they should direct the anger at where it is justified. The crown. They bought land that they hold no title to, they have been paying taxes to a government that has no authority to collect taxes, and they have been taught a history of lies and deception in an attempt to cover up the biggest crime of mankind since they killed the peacemaker. They should be angry because they are continually played to be the fools all the while her majesty reaps the benefits of her ultimate fraud.

Definitely we are ready to talk. Definitely we are ready to send in our delegates to the table and begin resolving the situation. We are ready and armed with the truth, and we are not afraid to use it. The haldimand itself was used to undermine the authority of the Original League of Nations, our Confederacy, and the crown used it to get her foothold into our land in north america. Now the haldimand has come back to haunt them, and they will be answerable to the fraudulent actions that they have committed.

Justice for Creation will Prevail. Keep the Peace, keep up the support and keep the momentum going. The crowns representatives want this to go away. They even have major newspapers like the globe and mail, and tv stations putting out leading polls such as “How do you think the government should deal with the situation with Six Nations in Caledonia, bring in more opp, or bring in the army” those my friends are the beginning stages of justifying another attack, and we want all of our supporters to be ready, because if anything happens here, canada will have declared war against all of the Onkwehonweh Nations of the world and we must defend by any means necessary.


i have lightly edited the above by adding paragraph breaks and capitalziing the first letter of each sentence – hope that’s ok!



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