[Reclamation Site] Second June 1st Update from Hazel Hill

just a quick update from grand river.

today, judge marshall probably surprised everyone, including me!  well, at least a bit.  i was certain there was going to be an ultimatum tied to whatever he did today, but unless i am hearing it wrong, he did quite well by giving the responsibility back to the federal government.  his rulings today, were that he asked the prime minister of indian affairs mr. prentice, as well as the attorney general to attend the june 16th court date, he has given two weeks of preparation time for this.

as far as i know, no new arrest warrants were issued, and the outstanding arrests are the original charges laid against our people from the day that we were attacked.  when the henco and hagersville lawyers kept insisting that the opp be ordered to enforce the injunctions, marshall indicated that the negotiation process will be given the necessary time in resolving this.

there was definitely a build up of police in the area, and the answer to our enquiry was that because the June 1st weekend is an annual caledonia town yard sale, and the opp had been informed that the  instigators” may be back trying to incite trouble, they have beefed up their security to be prepared.  while some of you (cause i did it too) are saying, yeah right! we believe that one!  perhaps given the results of the court hearing today, it lends to the possiblity that there is truth in that statement.

for those on the site, the day was a bit intense.  for those of us who waited at home and near the phone, the day was just as intense.  thanks to all of the men and women who are working so hard at the reclamation site, as well as all the supporters out there!  i know it isn’t said often enough but you are all deserving of both fists up high in the air with a big whooooo and a nya weh gowah!

keep the peace and stay strong!




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