reparations in the future for the homo/african holocaust… just saying : san francisco (2012) by torbakhopper

it will be a strange process as the war of AIDS is sorted out.

south africa will be able to/justified in making amazing demands for their own holocaust.

gay men in the u.s. have also been targeted.

"To date, the U.S. government has invested more than $100 billion in combat- ing the epidemic."

"According to the World Bank, the economic growth loss is estimated at approximately one percent per year once the prevalence of HIV/AIDS reaches eight percent. As of July 2005, there were 13 such countries. In conjunction with that, the average life expectancy in Sub-Saharan Africa, due to AIDS, is currently 47 years, when it was 62 prior to the AIDS epidemic. Social effects of the AIDS epidemic in Sub-Saharan countries also include the orphaning of more than 12 million children. Such serious treatment side effects as nerve and kidney damage often discourage HIV and AIDS patients. Due to its political and social stigma, AIDS patients have often been ostracized or harshly treated by society and their care providers."

"According to a survey done in June 2005, an estimated $682 million dollars is spent on AIDS vaccine research annually, but there is no vaccine for HIV."

"With the total number of AIDS deaths between 1981 and the end of 2003 at more than 20 million worldwide, researchers continue to progress along the path to a cure for the aggressively persistent and ever-changing strains of the HIV virus."

oh really?
and what sort of mentally-challenged people are actually working in those laboratories?

the same ones that can’t cure a common cold?
"In the USA, the common cold leads to 75 to 100 million physician visits annually at a conservative cost estimate of $7.7 billion per year. Americans spend $2.9 billion on over-the-counter drugs and another $400 million on prescription medicines for symptomatic relief.
More than one-third of patients who saw a doctor received an antibiotic prescription, which not only contributes to unnecessary costs ($1.1 billion annually on an estimated 41 million antibiotic prescriptions in the United States), but also has implications for antibiotic resistance from overuse of such drugs.
An estimated 22 to 189 million school days are missed annually due to a cold. As a result, parents missed 126 million workdays to stay home to care for their children. When added to the 150 million workdays missed by employees suffering from a cold, the total economic impact of cold-related work loss exceeds $20 billion."

the same ones that can’t cure cancer?
"NCI’s budget for FY 2010 was $5.1* billion, excluding the additional $1.3* billion in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds received by the Institute for spending in FY 2009 and FY 2010. Overall, NCI’s budget has been relatively flat in recent years. During the period from 2005 through 2010, the NCI budget averaged $4.9* billion per year."

YEP!!!! you got it.

these people are fraudulent.

they aren’t trying to CURE anything.

besides, profiteers in their hateful right mind aren’t going to give up a business that:

a. kills homosexuals
b. kills africans
c. generates profits that exceed many other industries and promises to do so for the next fifty years.

business as usual… it’s all about the benjamins!!!!

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