Say NO to the New Package Restrictions in NYS Prisons

telldoccsnoWe need your help! NYS DOCCS is piloting a new program that will harm people in prison and their loved ones. This change in policy will harm our editors as well as 52,000 other people imprisoned in New York State.

Beginning in January 2018, people at Greene, Green Haven and Taconic Correctional Facilities will no longer be able to receive packages directly from family members or friends. All packages must be ordered through an approved vendor. In September 2018, this policy will apply to ALL 54 prisons in New York State.

This policy is pro-business and anti-family. It is harmful because:

1) People in prison can no longer receive fresh fruits and vegetables or canned foods.
2) Warm clothing such as hoodies and scarves are prohibited.
3) All books must be newly purchased. No used books allowed.
4) Prices are controlled by the vendor and basic necessities will be more expensive.
5) People on the outside must use a credit card, check or money orders to pay for the approved packages. No cash or food stamps.
6) Those without access to the internet or those who are less technologically savvy face additional obstacles in sending packages.


Send a postcard NOW to the individuals below to oppose the package policy.

Postcards should be sent to:
Hon. Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

Acting Commissioner Anthony Annucci
Building 2, State Campus
Albany, NY 12226

Some sample language you can include on your postcard:

Dear Governor Cuomo,
This holiday season is about giving, not taking away. I object to the new DOCCS package rules.
(Your Name)
(Your relationship to people in prison, if applicable)

Dear Acting Commissioner Annucci,
The new DOCCS package pilot punishes innocent families. Having a loved one in prison is already expensive and difficult—the new rules make it worse. Rescind the package pilot!
(Your Name)
(Your relationship to people in prison, if applicable)

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more updates from this campaign!

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