Sect of Revolutionaries Communique from Greece

Left as a comment on the fascinating Social War in Greece blog, here is a translation of the communiqué from the Sect of Revolutionaries, the group which carried out an attack on police in Athens last month:

‘Those who remained unarmed die. The ones who don’t die are buried alive in the prisons, in the reform schools, in the cement coffins of the new housing projects, in the suffocating schools, in the newly decorated kitchens and bedrooms, so prettily decorated on credit’ (RAF)

Following the recent visits of the deputy minister of public order Marcoyianaki and the president of Pasok George Papandreou to various police stations for the purpose of raising the morale of the cops, we decided for the same reason on early Tuesday morning to surprise visit a not at all random police station, the one just 500 metres from the prison hell of Korydallos, and attack some random cops. Our goal was to execute them. We knew that around the corner of the police station were situated a special guard and often two or three of his colleagues. For this attack we used a sub-machine gun type scorpion 7.65 mm, a 9 mm gun and a defence grenade which didn’t go off when we threw it at them. Lucky them, unlucky us, next time luck will not be on their side. Our bullets clarify things. ‘Organised urban guerrilla offensive is the only road revolutionary forces can take in order to overthrow the state’ It’s a clear act that doesn’t need much explaining.

Did you really think that we would be talking about struggle without at the same time taking up arms and being ready to give everything to the struggle? Perhaps the fucking pigs in the police who kill with impunity thought that we would allow them to slaughter us like sheep?

In our first act as REVOLUTIONARY SECT we targeted the police. Now it is our militant forces against the mercenary army of the regime. From now on every cop’s life is worth the same as a bullet, their bodies a perfect target for shooting practice. No tears for the parading coffins to come. Cops have no name, no age; they just have a rank and their number. And so like the doughnuts they scoff down, they’re no good without a whole in the middle.

To those who ask why we chose some random cops and not some high ranking officer, a big-shot journalist, a state executive or even a capitalist, we reply…their turn will come. Moreover through our act we begin a long term plan utilising the tactic of permanent threat. The bullets against random cops deliver an ultimatum to cops of all ranks. Now every faceless cop should know they may be the next target of the REVOLUTIONARY SECT. Perhaps right this minute as he is reading these lines the barrel of a gun may be pointed at him. These are the ‘benefits’ of his job. ‘When you carry a gun you have to accept the risk. However cops want to receive their paycheque without paying the consequences.’ Start giving in your notice or start counting the graves.

Perhaps some are shocked by our cynicism and they talk of a ‘lack of political and ideological foundation’. However we do not feel the need to justify or even explain our action. We are not in politics, we are in armed struggle. In all these decades political parties, judicial and executive powers have exposed the interests of the status quo they work for. The time for analysing is over…

We are already aware of the fact that a few dozens fighters, men and women are preparing to come to the frontline of armed resistance.

We welcome them

P.s. We are in accord with the fighters of the revolutionary struggle in their choice to target the police.

We disagree however in their choice of the battlefield between them and the pigs. A basic principle of urban guerrilla warfare is that we do not attack from the grounds where the diverse forms of resistance develop, thereby transforming them into vulnerable zones of repression. On the contrary we attack the enemy’s impassable ground. In this way we gather our strength and avoid a situation of a police occupation. The second round of the armed struggle has begun…

A hundred flours blossomed…a hundred revolutionary groups.



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