Strike One to Educate One Hundred – Excerpts

Strike One to Educate One Hundred

the rise of the Red Brigades in Italy in the 1960s-1970s

by Chris Aronson Beck, Reggie Emilia, Lee Morris and Ollie Patterson
A Seeds Beneath the Snow Publication

Many years ago, we scanned in the first four chapters of Strike One, as the book was out of print and it was too much of a hassle to keep on running off photocopies. The goal was to eventually scan it all. Then plans shifted, and we decided it would be better to re-issue Strike One as an actual book. In May 2019 this was done, and the book is now available from For the time being, we are keeping the first four chapters available here.

Strike One to Educate One Hundred Introduction
Chapter Two: New Left Up to the Formation of the BR (Red Brigades)
Chapter Three: Preparation for a New Resistance: C.P.M.
Chapter Four: The Red Brigades appear: factory actions
Chapter Five: The struggle for political line
Chapter Six: Increased repression as BR begin political kidnappings
Chapter Seven: Campaign against “Fiat Fascism”
Chapter Eight: Against “White Shirt Fascism”
Chapter Nine: Carry the attack to the heart of the State

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