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SPARC stands forĀ Supporting Prisoners and Acting for Radical Change; itĀ is a revolutionary group based in Virginia, currently centering work around mass incarceration. SPARC’s primary program is a monthly van trip from Richmond to the far-flung prisons of Wise County, for the families and loved ones of those incarcerated at Wallen’s Ridge and Red Onion.Ā 

The comrades involved are currently raising funds to keep this service going; below is their call-out, and a link to a webpage where you can make a donation:

The SPARC Transport Program began as a sporadic, ad-hoc effort by individuals politicized by the Virginia prison movement. Currently, it is working to develop as a consistent, formalized program offering monthly transportation to the families of prisoners who have been isolated in the maximum security facilities in the far southwest of the state.

An entire population has been geographically separated from all social support as part of a broader strategy of repression. Working people without money or resources are left with no means of staying in regular contact with their own family members and loved ones held by the state.

SPARC is working to provide transportation to the families and loved ones of prisoners that is as cheap, accessible and consistent as possible. To do this, we need donations both to keep the program up and running as it works to become sustainable and to be able to, in the future, provide discounts to those who canā€™t pay full price and to expand the services offered by the program.

The SPARC transport program is an all-volunteer effort that operates outside of the non-profit system to provide for a basic need that the state has created and willfully refuses to meet. We depend for our continued functioning on the contributions and creativity of our members and supporters not the condescending charity of the privileged and powerful.

We need your financial support in order to enable this program to continue operating and to allow SPARC to provide discounted rates and ensure that this means of transportation is reliable. Not only will your support help us continue providing the van service but we are also providing gifts in exchange! Kevin ā€œRashidā€ Johnson who has spent far too many years in Virginiaā€™s prisons and is currently being housed in Texas wrote the book ā€˜Defying the Tombā€™ and has created many powerful works of art. His book and three of his prints are available as thank you gifts.

Please visit our wepay page to make your donation and claim your gifts!!!

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