The Prevention of Our Breathing and Catching Our Second Wind, by Sanyika Shakur

  • We Can’t Breathe without control of our destiny!
  • We Can’t Breathe under neo-colonialism!
  • We Can’t Breathe with capitalism’s hands around our throats!
  • We Can’t Breathe under bourgeois democracy!
  • We Can’t Breathe under genocidal violence!
  • We Can’t Breathe under imperialism!
  • The Can’t Breathe in overcrowded u.s. prisons!
  • We Can’t Breathe under amerikan dyseducation!
  • We Can’t Breathe believing the lies that we are amerikans!
  • We Can’t Breathe as soldiers in your military!
  • We Can’t Breathe under reformist slogans like “No justice No peace!”
  • We Can’t Breathe being mis-led by oppo-same preachers, teachers & presidents!
  • We Can’t Breathe under your pledge of allegience, flag or Constitution!
  • We Can’t Breathe without an Army of our own!
  • We Can’t Breathe with our political prisoners in your kamps!
  • We Can’t Breathe without scientific socialism!
  • We Can’t Breathe in your super-max SHU units!
  • We Can’t Breathe under homophobia, patriarchy or heterosexism!
  • We Can’t Breathe under pathological lies to protect & serve!
  • We Can’t Breathe because Our Nation is Not Free!

So, We’re going to catch our breath and get our second wind, and this time we’re gonna get free. Free, that is, to control the qualitative factors of our lives which determine the destiny of our own nation. A nation of people with pride & dignity long denied this right by amerika’s spirit-killing, mind-warping, brain-draining drive to dominate & control all in its reach.

Stand up & struggle forward you mighty nation! Breathe, catch your second wind, overstand what’s at stake & begin again to Free the Land!

Sanyika Shakur

August 3rd Collective
Republic of New Afrika
12-14-49 Adm*

*49 years after the death of Malcolm X

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