This Week: The Red Army Faction

Some of you have noticed that i have not been blogging very much over the past few months. Unfortunately, this situation may get worst before it gets any better.

The reason for this lack of blogging, as i may have mentioned, is that i have been very busy collaborating on a book about the Red Army Faction, the West German Marxist-Leninists who engaged in armed struggle in that country during the 1970s and 1980s.

What started some years ago (!) as an ambiguous project has grown to over 1,000 pages, and at this point will certainly require two volumes. It will be co-published by Kersplebedeb in early 2008.

Although the books are not ready yet, we decided to draw upon them to provide a series of pieces this week, the thirtieth anniversary of one of the RAF’s most ambitious, though ultimately unsuccessful, campaigns.

For the rest of this week i will be uploading these pieces. You are strongly encouraged to forward them to other sites and email lists, all that we ask is that you leave the information about the book project and contact information intact.

These pieces will all be mirrored at


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