This Weekend: Montreal’s Sixth Annual Anarchist Bookfair

Montreal’s 6th Annual
Saturday, May 20, 2006, 10am-6pm
2515 rue Delisle
(near Lionel-Groulx metro)
Free! Welcome to all.

Mainspace and 1st floor rooms are wheelchair accessible.
The bookfair is a child-friendly event. Bring your kids!
Free childcare on-site. Kids and Parents Activities.

  • The largest anarchist event in North America
  • Part of the month-long Festival of Anarchy
  • Followed by a full day of Anarchist Presentations and Workshops (May 21, 2006)

Some Bookfair highlights include:

* Introductory Workshops to Anarchism (Rooms 302 and 305):

Kidz Invasion II! (Room 119, Cafe Mozaik, Arts and Crafts Room, outdoors, everywhere):
With Arts & Crafts, Theatre, Dance, Music-Making, Sports and Games for the kids (all ages);

* And over 75 distributors, vendors and groups at the bookfair, from Montreal, Quebec, North America, Latin America and Europe (Main Auditorium and room 119 at CEDA)

For complete information, please consult our website.



11:00 — Another Future (30 min. excerpt) – SP. With FR. Sub-titles 50
years later, this film tells the story of Spanish Anarcho-syndicalists, who led a self-managed revolution at the center of the Spanish Civil War. The film was made according to the will of older Spanish radicals to rebuild the collective memory of their generation, and to leave the rest of us a testimonial.

11 :40 — Going Condo — dir. Brett Story — BILINGUE
Going Condo explores the mechanisms and consequences of gentrification, focusing on the working-class neighborhood of St. Henri in Montreal in the midst of government planned “revitalization” and massive condo development. It follows the efforts of community residents and housing activists as they battle the rapid gentrification of the neighbourhood, while exploring larger questions about the political economy of displacement and housing injustice.

12:50 — A l’épreuve du reel – dir. Florence Miettaux and Grégory Mouret. – FR. A Documentary about the experience the VAAAG (Alternative, Anticapitalist, Anti-war Village.) In 2003, in the context of the G8 meeting in Evian, several radical networks decided to initiate a new militant approach within the framework of the anti-globalisation protests. This project put into practice anti-authoritarian concepts of social relations. Autonomy, direct democracy and self-organization were the basis of the building of the VAAAG.

13:55 – Three Films on Immigration:

  • It’s Happening Near You (FR. With EN. Subtitles.) A 6 minute film shot at a Belgian immigration detention center.
  • 9e collectif A short film on the 9e collectif in France (FR.)
  • Buenas Noches Señors! (EN) by San Diego Indymedia and Cascadia Media Collective Border Faction A 25 minute video showing the 3 week long border camp and other actions to stop the California Minutemen which took place in July of 2005. The video includes daytime marches and protests as well as nighttime actions to disrupt the Minutemen ‘ s border patrols, which take place primarily at night. While the Arizona Minutemen were able to detain hundreds of migrant people, in California no migrant people were stopped at the border. The actions in the film were organized with the help of the Gente Unida Coalition, La Tierra es de Todos Coalition and the o.r.g.a.n.i.c. collective.

14:45 — Compliation Lucioles (FR.)
A Compilation of videos made by local video activists les Lucioles.

15:30 – The Heart Has Its Own Memory (Canada, 2005, 13 minutes) – (EN.) Dir: Audrey Huntley This short film looks at violence against First Nations Women in Canada, the lack of justice for missing Aboriginal women and racist police inaction and impunity. Huntley creates a collage of the women’s stories featuring interviews with family members and friends. The film plays with native oratory and is a testimony to the pain and grief of the community as a whole and a message of no more silence.

15:50 – Fallujah – ENG.
Fallujah is a collaborative production created by Iraqi and American filmmakers. After a major US led offensive launch in November of 2004, two-thirds of the city was destroyed and thousands of its citizens were forced into refugee camps. Code Pink commissioned Iraqi filmmaker Homodi Hasim to send a team of videographers and investigative journalists to Fallujah to record the destruction and death inflicted by the American assault. He also interviewed many of the thousands of Fallujah residents who were forced to live in refugee camps on the outskirts of Fallujah and Baghdad. Using the footage produced by Code Pink and additional footage of the US led destruction of Fallujah, Deep Dish Television has produced this gripping documentary.

Echo Of Silence (Canada, 2003, 20 min) – (FR.)
Dir: Chloe Germain-Therien
In 1997 two Basque men, Gorka Perea and Eduardo Plagaro, sought refugee status in Canada after being charged with arson in Spain. They claimed that their confessions to the crime were signed under torture. In 2001 the two men were detained as suspected terrorists in a prison in Rivières-des-Prairies, Quebec. The Echo of Silence documents their experience in Canada: their detention, their temporary release, and finally their extradition in June 2005, despite an active grassroots movement to keep them in Canada.



The Bookfair is showing diverse works by artists from Montreal and elsewhere, focusing on issues close to anarchists and exploring themes of autonomy. The works can be found in the hallways of the first, second and third floors and on the stage in the Main Hall of the CEDA.

*Self-portraits by Mahmoud Jaballah, Hassan Almrei and Mohamed Harkat. Refugees detained indefinitely in Canadian prison without charge or trial, under secret suspicions. Threatened with deportation to torture.

*Struggle and Solidarity: A Photo Exhibit from Kashipur, India and Choco,

*Choco, Colombia
Project Accompagnement Solidarite Colombie (PASC) is a direct solidarity organization supporting the struggle for land and self-determination of communities engaged in civilian resistance in Choco, Colombia. The photo exhibit is made up of images from “El Planton”, an action that called for international support in the fight against displacement and (para)military and corporate occupation of peasants’ land. Blandine Juchs, Will Shorey, and Tatiana Gomez participated in El Planton. Tatiana Gomez is an organizer based in Montreal. She was in Colombia with Project Accompagnement Solidarite Colombie in the summer of 2005. Approx. 15 5″7 mounted photos

*Kashipur, India
For over 13 years, the adivasi (indigenous) and dalit (caste) people of Kashipur, India have been fighting a proposed bauxite mine and alumina smelter. Canadian alumina giant Alcan has a 45% holding in the project. The anti-mine people’s movement has faced escalating repression, harrassment and police brutality and, since late 2004, Kashipur has been a virtual police state. The photo exhibit consists of images from the Kashipur region and the community members who continue to resist the Alcan-backed project.

*Tamara Herman and Brook Thorndycraft traveled to Kashipur in 2005 to record a community radio documentary on the people’s movement.

Montreal Anarchist Bookair
phone: 514-859-9090


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