Two New Pamphlets from Kersplebedeb

The Road Ahead and the Dialectics of Change
by C. Lundrum

The rather long subtitle of this short pamphlet reads: “applying the science of dialectical and historical materialism to the prison construct as it exists within California prison system today.” And that is just what ths is: an attempt by a California prisoner to analyze the continuing deterioration in prison conditions and the possibilities of resistance, using the tools of dialectical materialism in the spirit of Mao. (Though for you anarchists who are wincing,i should point out that this aspect of Maoism has nothing inherently unanarchistic about it.) With an introduction by Ed Mead.

Kersplebedeb Publications
26 pages
ISBN 1-894946-26-X

The Theory and Practice of Armed Struggle in the Northwest
by Ed Mead

Examining the history, growing pains, and context of the George Jackson Brigade, a group of anarchists and marxist-leninists who between 1975 and 1977 carried out a series of bank robberies,and bombings in the Seattle area, and also successfully broke a comrade out of prison. Subjects examined include the political environment during the 1970s, the rationale of those engaged in armed actions against the State and a critique of the tamed left. Ed Mead was a member of the GJB who served a total of eighteen years in prison as a consequence of his activities. This text was written while he was incarcerated; it is published here for the first time.

Kersplebedeb Publications
45 pages
ISBN 1-894946-25-1


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