Undercovers and "Security Experts" re: 2010

Two reports in regarding police infiltration, surveillance and smears in the lead-up to the 2010 olympics in b.c.

First, the No2010 blog tells us that Victoria Police Chief Jamie Grahamhas been bragging about undercover penetration of the anti-2010 activist scene, joking (?) at a security conference about how the bus driver bringing activists to an anti-2010 protest was in fact a cop.

Secondly, the Socialist Voice’s John Riddell tells us that the “Ottawa Citizen Smears Progressive Activists“, pointing to a recent article by Ian MacLeod amalgamating the Socialist Voice with all manner of grassroots protests and international players like Hezbollah and Hamas!

Nuthin deep, just a quick observation: folks get a bit too indignant about this shit.

Yeah, the state and private security and media concerns will do what they can to observe, disrupt and discredit our activities.

Yeah, they’ll lie about us, and ridicule us.

Yeah, we have to combat this.

But we also have to expect it, and predict it. When it happens our response should be to calmly say, “See, this is what we mean.”


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