The Velvet Mafia: We Know Where You Live

We Know Where You Live Velvet Mafia  


  • Mona Lisa
  • Fierce Ruling Diva
  • The Velvet Mafia
  • Buy You Me
  • Deli Boy
  • Baby Looked Good
  • Love Sucks
  • Jersey Gigolo
  • Poppies in Springtime
  • Her Infinite Vanity
  • You Got It (Goin’ On)
  • Season of the Bitch
  • Rock God
  • Velvet Mfia - We Know Where You Live

    Post-punk queer glam rock extravaganza!

    “Take New York’s most famous 6 foot-6 inch bald drag queen, throw in a bunch of social outcasts, and you create a recipe for a twisted in-your-face queerer-than-thou delivery, slamming your brain like a Ritalin-free Dr. Seuss for Adults.”

    – from Trip Records’ Velvet Mafia page: i couldn’t have said it better myself!

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