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Kersplebedeb is a one-person project devoted to producing and distributing radical books and pamphlets and agit prop materials.

Started in 1998, Kersplebedeb is now also a sprawling website with special pages devoted to a variety of themes, ranging from Transgender Liberation to the Struggle in Iraq. I have beeing involved in publishing a half-dozen books and several dozen pamphlets, i have designed and sell several dozen different t-shirts and over 400 buttons (pins/badges) with themes ranging from feminism to queeer liberation to communism/anarchism to animal rights.

For a more indepth look at where i am coming from politically, i suggest you check out my Political Perspectives page. If you would like to order something, i suggest you go to either my Literature , Music , Buttons or T-Shirts page. You can order buttons and t-shirts directly using paypal, but for everything else yo will have to email me your order at info@kersplebedeb.com

Please note that wholesale discounts are available on everything, but you must contact me via email to work out arrangements; again: info@kersplebedeb.com

If you want to access the large list of political links, texts, images and more that i have indexed and uploaded to my site, the best way is through my Politics Portal .

If you would like to be advised of special sales on merchandise as well as new stuff i have available from my site, the best thing to do is to join the Kersplebedeb mailing list. Just type your email address here and then click “Submit!”

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