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|¬†¬†¬†Contact us!¬†¬†¬†|¬†¬†¬†WITCHES IN EXILE United States – Ghana Documentaries of the World2004 / Video / Colour / 79 min PRODUCTION TEAMDirector : Allison BergScript : Photography : Amanda MicheliEditor : Frank KeraudrenCast : .Back WITCHES IN EXILEAs much of Africa struggles to modernize, traditional beliefs are still deeply rooted, including the belief in witchcraft. In Ghana, people from all social strata, from farmers to university professors, believe in witchcraft. But it is especially in the rural areas that witches and witchcraft are a common presence in daily life. Ordinary misfortunes that befall a village – drought, sickness, domestic problems – are often attributed to the work of witches. Once a woman is found and accused, she is either killed or given a violent beating, and then banished to a “witch village” to live out her days in poverty and isolation. There are currently four witch villages in Ghana. In the late 1990s, human rights organizations and the Ghanaian government began taking steps towards dissolving them, creating distinct problems for the women and their families. Would it be safe or even possible for the accused to return home? Where else could they go? Should legislation regulate traditional practices and beliefs? These are some of the questions that WITCHES IN EXILE explores as it follows the stories of four accused women over the course of a year in Ghana. Allison BergAmerican filmmaker Allison Berg graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in international relations. She produced A BOY’S LIFE, directed by Rory Kennedy for HBO, and has worked as an associate producer and researcher on various other productions, including DIFFERENT MOMS, directed by Liz Garbus and Rory Kennedy for Lifetime Television and FAMILY NAME, directed by Macky Alston for POV. She is making her own directorial debut in WITCHES IN EXILE. September 03, 2004 ? 09:00:00 ? CIN√ČMA PARISIEN 1 ? P1.03.1 ? September 03, 2004 ? 20:40:00 ? CIN√ČMA PARISIEN 1 ? P1.03.7 ? September 04, 2004 ? 11:00:00 ? CIN√ČMA PARISIEN 1 ? P1.04.2 ?

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