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Aegis. Magazine on Ending Violence Against Women. No. 38. 1984. Washington. Feminist Alliance Against Rape. 66p. This is a xerox reproduction, mimicing the original issue. Wraps. VG. Has Sandy Dickinson’s “FIGHTING FORWARD: Teaching Feminist Self-Defense,” which is a report on the herstoric First National Self-Defense Teaching Practicum.  $6.00    

AFKHAMI, Mahnaz. Women in Exile. Charlottesville. Univ. Press of Virginia, 1994. 210p. Wraps. VG. Oral histories by twelve women telling of exile and survival–from Afganistan, China, Malawi, Sudan, etc. Reminded me again that my life is not so difficult as i sometimes think. $4.00    

BELL-SCOTT, Patricia, editor. Flat-Footed Truths. Telling Black Women’s Lives. N.Y. Henry Holt, 1998. 227p. Wraps. 1st edition, uncorrected proof. VG. Classic contributions by Kate Rushin, Marita Golden, Audre Lorde, Wini McQueen, etc. $4.00

BERCH, Bettina.  Radical by Design. The Life and Style of Elizabeth Hawes. N.Y. Dutton, 1988. 214p. 1st edition. VG/VG.  Hawes was a one of a kind! A very successful socialist high fashion designer during the 1930s and 1940s. She was the one who introduced Alexander Calder to Miro and was sculpted by Isamu Noguchi. Hawes became a best-selling author, a columnist for the legendary daily newspaper PM, and then an organizer for the United Auto Workers.  “The most important biography in our time of a fashion designer and critic.” – Richard Martin, Dean of Graduate Studies, Fashion Institute of Design.  $20.00  

BOFFIN, Tessa & FRASER, Jean. Editors.  STOLEN GLANCES. Lesbians Take Photographs.  London. Pandora, 1991. 252p. Wraps. 1st edition. Illustrated. VG, edgeworn.  $12.00  

BOYD, Mary Sumner. THE WOMAN CITIZEN. A General Handbook of Civics, with Special Consideration of Women’s Citizenship. Introduction by Carrie Chapman Catt, President of National Women’s Suffrage Association. N.Y. Frederick A. Stokes & Co., 1918. 260p. In blue cloth with gilt lettering & design on f. cover. G: edges dusty, four pages u.r. corner torn, sp rubbed & sl. mottled, wear at tips & corners. Author was a leader in women’s suffrage movement, and Chairman of the Research Department of the Leslie Bureau of Suffrage Education. First political “handbook” for newly enfranchised women voters.  $75.00  

BRANT, Beth. Editor. A GATHERING OF SPIRIT. Writing and Art by North American Indian Women. Montpelier. Sinister Wisdom Books, 1984. 287p. Wraps. VG.  $10.00  

BROWN, Rita Mae. “Living With Other Women” & “The Shape of Things To Come.” In Myron & Bunch, Lesbianism and the Women’s Movement. Baltimore. Diana Press, 1975. 104p. Wraps. VG cond., with deaccession stamp. $7.00    

BRUNNER, Charlotte H. UNWINDING THREADS. Writing by Women in Africa. Portsmouth. Heinemann, 1983. 208p. Wraps. 2nd edition. VG. Short stories and essays from 24 women writers, from the Berber people of North Africa to Soweto in the South.  $10.00    

BUTLER, Octavia e. Parable of the Sower. N.Y. Four Walls, 1993. Sl. shelfwear else F in F d.j. Her novels are perhaps the most important Black radical writing going on. When Butler appeared at Nkiru Books in Brooklyn to sign copies of this novel, the line stretched out the door and around the corner. $6.00  

CANNING, Charlotte. Feminist Theaters in the U.S.A. N.Y. Routledge, 1996. 271p. Wraps. Interviews with over thirty women active in feminist theater groups in the 1970s and 1980s.    $4.00  

CHENEY, Joyce. Editor. Lesbian Land. Minneapolis. Word Weavers, 1985. 4to. 181p. Illustrated wraps. VG+. Reports and letters from 30 varied efforts to establish “women’s land.” With photographs and drawings.  Nice record of an important part of lesbian feminism.  $13.00  

CRAIG, Alethe Lowber. Women of the World. With a Search Light of Epigram. Baltimore. Press of H.W. Dick & Co., 1891. 8 vo. 191p. Gift dedication dated “1891” on f. endpaper. Sp. rubbed, covers bumped and soiled, contents aging but still intact. One of the earliest books published by a woman in Maryland. As a demonstration of woman’s mental prowess, editor assembled classic epigrams that illustrate a particular woman’s life.  $65.00  

D’ARC, Joan. Editor. Paranoid Women Collect Their Thoughts. Providence. Paranoid Publishing, 1996. 4to. 153p. Wraps. NF. “Paranoid ” essays on Kwanzaa & the f.b.i., vivisection, UFOs, microwave harassment, etc. The late Judy Bari on the government campaign against Earth First.  $9.50  

DEMING, Barbara. We Cannot Live Without Our Lives. N.Y. Viking, 1974. 191p. VG in VG plain brown bag d.j., albeit price clipped & edgeworn, sticker mark on endpaper. Early lesbian essays rejecting the deprioritizing of women’s liberation after all other struggles. “There is no ideological gloss here, no pretending that the answers are apparent and final. Instead, there is the astonishing raw bravery of a writer who risks telling the truth.”-  Andrea Dworkin. $7.00  

DEMING, Barbara. “Remembering Who We Are. An Open Letter to Susan Saxe.” In Quest: a feminist quarterly. Summer 1977. Vol.IV, No.1. Washington. 96p. Wraps. VG cond. Albeit w/small stain r. Cover, deaccession stamp. Deming, one of the earliest peace activists to be an outlesbian, continues her debate with lesbian fugitive Saxe over Marxism and violence. Incidentally, the promotions editor at Quest then was one Dorothy Allison. $4.00  

DOANE, Janice & DEVON, Hodges. Nostalgia And Sexual Difference. The Resistance to Contemporary Feminism. N.Y. Methuen, 1987. 169p. Wraps. VG cond. “Reinterpretation of contemporary nostalgic texts”, i.e. lit crit, but brilliant with sharp insights that skewer male academics.    $4.00  

DOUGLAS, Claire. Translate this Darkness. The Life of Christina Morgan. N.Y. Simon & Schuster, 1993. 398p. 1st edition. VG+/VG+. “The veiled woman in Jung’s circle.”  $6.00  

FITCH, Noel Riley. ANAIS. The Erotic Life of Anais Nin. Boston. Little Brown, 1993. 525p. 1st edition. VG+/VG+.  $8.00  

FLORILEGIA. a retrospective.   Corvallis. Calyx Books, 1987. 253p. Wraps.  A special retrospective issue of Calyx, the feminist art & literature journal, covering 1976-1986. Ursula K. LeGuin, Paula Gun Allen, Marilyn Hacker, Sujata Bhatt, Betty LaDuke, and many more.   $12.00    

FRIEDMAN, Scarlet & SARAH, Elizabeth. Editors. On the Problem of Men. Two Feminist Conferences. London. The Women’s Press, 1982. 262p. Wraps. 1st edition. NF. Papers from two British conferences: the feminist summer school at Bradford in September 1979; conference on “The Women’s Liberation Movement and Men” in London, March 1980.  $8.00  

FULLBROOK, Kate & FULLBROOK, Edward. Simone de beauvoir and jean-paul sarte. The Remaking of a Twentieth-Century Legend. N.Y. Basic Books, 1994. 1st edition. F cond. In F d.j. Relates sexism in their relationship, her superior scholarship and intellect. $7.00  

GIDDINGS, Paula. When and Where I Enter. The Impact of Black Women on Race and Sex in America. N.Y. William Morrow, 1984. 393p. 1st edition. In light grey Wraps. Advance Reading Copy. “Uncorrected Bound Galleys.” VG. Unread, sp. smooth & uncreased, but covers sl. soiled.  $15.00    

HAGAN, Kay Leigh, editor. Women Respond to the Men’s Movement. Foreword by Gloria Steinem. San Francisco.  Pandora, 1992. 175p. Wraps. Feminists answer Robert Bly, Iron John, and the late night fireside drummers. $4.00    

HARRIS, Ted Carlton. JEANNETTE RANKIN. Suffragist, First Woman Elected to Congress, and Pacifist. N.Y. Arno Press, 1982. 390p. 1st edition. Offset reproduction of PhD thesis, in blue cloth boards. NF, no d.j. as published.  $35.00    

Helicon Nine:  The Journal of Women’s Art and Letters.  No. 17/18.  SOUTHERN WOMANHOOD.  Kansas City. 1987. 215p. Wraps. VG. Special issue with Ellen Gilchrist, Steven Stowe, Kathy Lee Seidel, Arlene Burke-Morgan, Louise Mouton, Elizabeth Shannon, Pat Dickey, etc.  With esay on the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, the “hottest women’s jazz band of the 1940s (and the first interracial one). Bound-in flexible 33 1/2 LP recording of two of their jazz numbers.   $15.00    

HUFFERT, Sylvia D. WHEN HENS CROW. The Woman’s Rights Movement in Antebellum America. Bloomington. University of Indiana Press, 1995. 153p. 1st edition w/reviewslip. NF/NF. A one-volume comprehensive history of the first years of Woman’s Rights.  $10.00  

IKON. Number Seven. “a special issue: Women & Love.” N.Y., 1987. 148p. Wraps. Corner bent, VG. Lesbian love in Poetry, art, essays. Why not?  $3.00  

JAMES, Selma. Sex, Race and Class. London. Falling Wall & Race Today, 1975. 34p. Wraps. 1st edition. VG cond.save light coffee stain on two pages. Herstoric document from feminist theorist (and former partner of C.L.R. James). $8.00  

LATINA – A Journal of Ideas. (special issue No. 27 of Heresies. A Feminist Publication on Art & Politics). N.Y. 1993. 4to. 115p. Wraps. VG. Latin American women artists: images, conversations, essays.  $5.00    

LAZARRE, Jane. BEYOND THE WHITENESS OF WHITENESS. Memoir of a White Mother of Black Sons. Durham. Duke University Press, 1996. 140p. In red cloth. NF/NF. “Jane Lazarre, warrior mom, has crossed over.” — ALICE WALKER.  $7.00    

LEE, Butch. JAILBREAK Out of History: The Counter-Story of Harriet Tubman.  Montreal. Beguine Press, 2000. 108p. Wraps.  1st edition. F cond. New radical feminist refutation of the standard history of Harriet Tubman. $5.00    

LEWIS, Lisa A. GENDER POLITICS and MTV. Voicing the Difference. Philadelphia. Temple Univ. Press, 1990. 258p. Wraps. VG+. Lewis’ study of women rock musicians and their women fans shows “that popular culture is contested terrain and that women, as artists and as spectators and fans, can and have made astonishing inroads into a commercial, male-defined turf.”  $7.00    

LORDE, Audre. NEED: A Chorale for Black Women’s Voices. Freedom Org. Series No.6. Latham. Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press, 1990. 20p. Wraps. This copy has the “We cannot live without our lives” button pinned to front cover, and is shrink-wrapped in plastic as from publisher. $8.00    

[ LORDE, Audre ].   CELEBRATE THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF AUDRE LORDE.  Memorial Service.  Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. Monday, January 18, 1993. N.Y. 4to. n.p. but 66p. (plus 2p. loose insert with statements of Essex Hemphill, Johnetta Cole, and Merle Woo of Radical Women).  VG, albeit with 1/2″ tear bottom sp, ink mark r. cover.  This is the program journal for the Audre Lorde memorial service, with many, many messages and statements. From her partner, from Adrienne Rich, from Paula Giddings, feminist groups from other countries, Mayor Dinkins, etc. As Kate Rushin writes here: “Precious Audre. You were dying. Now you’re not.”   $35.00  

LORDE, Audre. Of Generations and Survival — A Hugo Letter. In JOSEPH, Gloria I. and ROWE, Hortense M. Editors. “Hell Under God’s Orders. Hurricane Hugo in St. Croix — Disaster and Survival.” St. Croix. Winds of Change Press, 1990. 391p. Wraps. 1st edition. VG, sp creased, bottomedge sl soil. Poet Audre Lorde not only contributed this 14p. letter of the great disaster, but also helped her friend Dr. Gloria Joseph edit and publish this work (and even contributed some of her local photographs).  $6.00    

MARTIN, Patricia Preciado.   Songs My Mother Sang Me.  An Oral History of Mexican American Women. Tucson. University of Arizona Press, 1992. 224p. Wraps. NF.   $4.00    

MATOESIAN, Gregory M. REPRODUCING RAPE. Domination through Talk in the Courtroom. Univ. of Chicago, 1993. 256p. VG, no d.j. Complex but fascinating exercise in the sociology of language, showing how the discourse of judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys all combine to excuse rape and dis-empower women. $10.00    

MILLARD, Betty. Woman Against Myth. N.Y. Int. Pub., 1948. 48p. In green wraps. VG, cover faded. Attacks the oppression of women in capitalist society, and contrasts this to women’s progress in Soviet Russia.  $10.00    

 MOORE, Marianne ].   Helicon Nine: The Journal of Women’s Arts and Letters. No. 19.  Marianne Moore 1889-1972, A CELEBRATION. Kansas City. 1988. 96p. Wraps. Quarterly journal. VG. Special issue on poet, with contributions from Kay Boyle, David Ray, James Dickey, David Amram, etc. Jean Gould writes of “Moore & Moore: The Poet and Her Mother.”  Bound-in flexible 33 1/2 LP recording of Moore reading two of her poems to compositions by Ned Rorem and Virgil Thompson.   $15.00    

MYO-YOUNG CHOY, Peggy.  “Dancing Outside the American Dream. History and Politics of Asian Dance in America.” In Forward Motion. July 1992. 80p. Wraps. VG+.   $5.00    

NICOLSON, Nigel and TRAUTMANN, Joanne. The Letters of Virginia Woolf.Vol. I: 1888-1912. N.Y. Harcourt Brace, 1975. 531p. 2nd u.s. edition. Vol. II: 1912-1922. 627p. 1st u.s. edition. Both books hb: VG/G+. Albeit with d.j. sm tears, chp, cover soiled. Top edge dusty both books. For both together as a partial set:  $25.00    

O’BRIEN, Lucy.   She Bop.  The Definitive History of Women in Rock, Pop and Soul.  N.Y. Penguin, 1995. 465p. Wraps. 1st edition. Advance reading copy. VG.   $5.00    

PEARLMAN, Mickey & HENDERSON, Katherine Usher. Editors. A VOICE OF ONE’S OWN. Conversations With America’s Writing Women. Boston. Houghton Mifflin, 1990. 259p. Wraps. 1st thus. VG+. SIGNED & inscribed by PEARLMAN. Reflections on writing itself by Amy Tan, M.F.K. Fisher, Nancy Willard, Marge Piercy, Louise Erdrich, etc.  $14.00    

PERTZOFF, Margaret. “LADY IN RED”: A Study of the Early Career of Alexandra Mikhailovna Kollontai. Ann Arbor. Univ. Microfilms, 1968. 257p. Wraps. G cond., several corners clipped, blue pencil underlining. PhD. thesis.  $14.00    

PHELPS, Robert. Belles Saisons. A Colette Scrapbook. N.Y. FS & G, 1978. 302p. 1st edition. VG/VG. Old photographs, bits of autobiography, memoirs, history, and gossip.  $8.00    

RANDALL, Margaret. SANDINO’S DAUGHTERS REVISITED. Feminism in Nicaragua. New Brunswick. Rutgers University Press, 1994. 311p. 1st edition. Review copy w/enclosures. F/F sl shelfworn. Interviews with revolutionary women about the Sandanista experience, and how their feminism has been only deepened by both the Sandanista victory & the defeat.  $20.00    

RAYMOND, Janice G. Women As Wombs. Reproductive Technologies and the battle over Women’s Freedom. Harper San Francisco, 1993. 254p. Wraps. NF. A new “classic”, still the basic book on this issue.   $4.00    

RICH, Doris L.   Queen Bess.  Daredevil Aviator.  Washington. Smithsonian Institute, 1993. 153p. 1st edition. F/F.   Biography of Bessie Coleman, the first Black woman aviator. Flying before the racist Amelia Earhart did, “Queen Bess” took herself from picking cotton to training in France as a pilot & aerial acrobat. She spoke in Black churches and tried to build Black aviation here. A remarkable person with style and courage, fighting against overwhelming obstacles.   $12.00    

RIVERS, Caryl. More Joy Than Rage. Crossing Generations with the New Feminism. Hanover. Univ. Press of New England, 1991. 238p. WF in NF d.j. “incisive, down-to-earth, and influential essays about the women’s movement and its influence on American culture and politics.” Signed & extensively inscribed.  $8.00    

ROOF, Judith. A LURE OF KNOWLEDGE. Lesbian Sexuality and Theory. N.Y. Columbia University Press, 1991. 285p. 1st edition. NF/NF. Owner’s name. “Roof argues that attempts to depict or explain lesbian sexuality spur anxieties about knowledge and identity. In reaction… lesbian sexuality is represented in film, literature, theory, and criticism as foreplay, as simulated heterosexuality, as erotic excess, as joking in authenticity, as artful compromise, or as masculine mask…”  $9.00    

RUSS, Joanna. WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING FOR? Sex, Race, Class, and the future of feminism. N.Y. St. Martins, 1998. 476p. 1st edition. F cond in F d.j. $7.50    

SA’ADAWI, Nawal el.  Memoirs from the Women’s Prison.  London. Women’s Press, 1986. 197p. Wraps. VG. Health educator and leading Egyptian socialist feminist, author was imprisoned for her activities by former president Sadat.   $5.00    

SAPINSLEY, Barbara. The Private War of Mrs. Packard. N.Y. Paragon, 1991. 1st edition. F cond in NF d.j. The biography of Elizabeth Packard, a 19th century Illinois woman whose minister husband committed her to a lunatic asylum for disputing his religious doctrines. She not only freed herself, but campaigned nationally for laws protecting women from involuntary commitment. $6.00      

SHANGE, ntozake. three pieces. N.Y. St. Martins, 1981. 1st edition. NF cond. No d.j.  Three of her “choreo-poems”: Spell #7; A Photograph: Lovers in Motion; Boogie Woogie Landscape. $7.50    

SHOEMAKER, Nancy. Editor.   Negotiators of change.  Historical Perspectives on Native American Women.   N.Y. Routledge, 1995. 236p. NF.  Ground-breaking book reflects rethinking of gender communality and culture.   $8.00    

SOCHEN, June. The NEW WOMAN in Greenwich Village, 1910-1920. N.Y. Quadrangle Books, 1972. 175p. NF cond. in VG d.j. “The forgotten history of the feminist battle for sexual freedom and equal rights in New York’s bohemia.” This copy signed and inscribed as a gift by Dick Cavett. $50.00    

STRONG, Anna Louise. The First Time in History. Two Years of Russia’s New Life (August, 1921 to December, 1923). Preface by L. Trotsky. N.Y. Boni & Liveright, 1924. 249p. 3rd printing, November 1924. G only, sp rubbed, covers worn, edge dusty. First-hand account of early socialist experiment.  $14.00    

THURMER-ROHR, Christina. VAGABONDING. Feminist Thinking Cut Loose. Boston. Beacon Press, 1991. 220p. 1st u.s. edition. F cond. in sl. shelfworn but glossy NF d.j.Author tells of the relationship she and her sister were encouraged to have with their father, a Nazi soldier fighting on the Russian front.  If you are a radical feminist, reading VAGABONDING will change your life forever. It represents the advance of disturbing radical truth-telling in Germany that picked up where feminism stopped in the u.s. $9.00    

WALKER, Rebecca. Editor. to be real. telling the truth and changing the face of feminism. Foreword by Gloria Steinem. Afterword by Angela Y. Davis. N.Y. Anchor Books, 1995. 292p. 1st edition. VG/VG. SIGNED & inscribed by Walker. Also SIGNED by author Donna Minkowitz on first page of her article, “giving it up: orgasm, fear, and femaleness.”  $25.00    

WALL, Steve.   Wisdom’s Daughters. Conversations With Women Elders of North America.   N.Y. HarperCollins, 1993. 303p. 1st edition. F/F.  Brief interviews and photographs of seventeen women elders of the Tewa, Chumash, Northern Cheyenne, Seminole, Ojibway, Oneida, Seneca, Hoh, Cowichan, and Mohawk peoples.   $9.00


WEIMANN, Jeanne Madeline.  THE FAIR WOMEN.  The Story of The Woman’s Building, World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago 1893.   Academy Chicago, 1981.  611p. 4to. Wraps.  VG-, aging, sl warp, cover crease lines.   $7.00    

WEISER, Marjorie P. K. and ARBEITER, Jean S.   Womanlist.   N.Y. Atheneum, 1981. 500p. 1st edition. VG, no d.j.  “The first book of lists only of women.”Always surprising. Ten underground agents in World War II? The women who committed suicide when they heard of Rudolph Valentino’s death? Women who ruled the Holy Land?  $5.00    

Women & Therapy. A Feminist Quarterly. Vol.5, No.1. Spring 1986. “Special Issue: A Woman’s Recovery From the Trauma of War.” N.Y. Haworth Press. VG cond., deaccession stamp.   $5.00    

ZAHAVI, Helen.  The WEEKEND.  N.Y. Donald Fine, 1991. 1st u.s. edition. VG+/VG+.  This startling novel of a woman’s decision to finally start killing men. Must read.  $7.50    

ZANOTTI, Barbara. A FAITH OF ONE’S OWN. Explorations by Catholic Lesbians. Trumansburg. The Crossing Press, 1986. 202p. Wraps. Nuns and coming out stories.  $4.00  


POSTER!!!  “TANK GIRL” – “In the Future, the Odds of Survival Are 1,000 to 1. That’s the Way She Likes It!” Original 1995 United Artists movie poster for Rachel Talalay film. Famous Lesbian camp science-fiction thriller-comedy (my friends all called it, “Dykes With Cannons!”). 27″ x 40″. Never used, in F cond. (shipped rolled in tube)   $25.00


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