WOMEN WORKERS (Red Brigades, February 1978)

Women from all sections of the proletariat occupy an inferior, subordinate, and worse paid position in relation to men. Moreover they suffer from the serfdom of domestic labor. Women’s labor, including that performed in the home, is therefore antagonistic to capitalist society. The awakening of women’s struggles and the implicit and explicit content of these struggles will be increasingly weighty and important within the revolutionary movement.

The bestial nature of capitalist relations of production and of their social aspects has stirred up this enormous social force; the weapon of radical criticism and radical criticism with weapons has finally reached even the final tabernacle: the domain of the family and the man-­woman relation, a domain of critical and fundamental importance for opening the door to the transformation of life and the world. We could say that with the entry of women onto the stage of revolution all the forces are now mature, and for the pigs it is truly the beginning of the end!

FROM the Resolution of the Strategic Directorate of the Red Brigades (February 1978), in: 1978: A New Stage in the Class War? Selected Documents from the Spring Campaign of the Red Brigades

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