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|¬†¬†¬†Contact us!¬†¬†¬†|¬†¬†¬†ZOHRE & MANOUCHEHR France Documentaries of the World2004 / Video / Colour / 70 min PRODUCTION TEAMDirector : Mitra FarahaniScript : Photography : J√©rome KrumenackerEditor : Sou AbadiCast : .Back ZOHRE & MANOUCHEHRHow can love and sexuality find a way through the myriad prohibitions and interdictions in contemporary Iranian society? That is one of the fundamental questions at the heart of Mitra Farahani’s part-fictional, part-documentary film shot over a period of two and a half years. The idea for this genre mix became increasingly insistent as the director was conducting initial interviews with protagonists during research. In Mitra Farahani’s own words: “Today, if you ask Iranians to define love, their response will inevitably be a poetic reference. They won’t talk about their experiences, but will choose a poetic metaphor. Poetry is of fundamental importance in Iran. It is omnipresent — in the cinema, in painting and, more generally, it is embedded in the culture of each and every individual. Be they politicians or members of religious orders, they all refer to poetry continually. It is impossible to speak of love, and therefore of sexuality, without speaking in terms of poetry.” For her film, Farahani chose a poem by Iraj Mirza which, although it respects the formal rules of Iranian verse, is free of ambiguity: the love in question is passionate love, right down to its carnal dimension. Farahani explains: I wanted to reveal via the fictional and documentary elements, the contradiction between a society at once so well-versed in combining culture, Islam and the art of living, and an environment today whereby a couple who embrace are forced to ask themselves if they are committing a grave sin.” Mitra FarahaniBorn in Tehran in 1975, Mitra Farahani graduated in graphic arts from Azad University in Tehran in 1997. She moved to Paris a year later and began working as an actress and artist. She spent a year working in Hamburg and chronicled her experiences in Tableau de bois (2000). She returned to Paris in 2000 and enrolled in ENSAD (√Čcole nationale sup√©rieure des arts d√©coratifs). Her short film, Juste une femme, won a Teddy Award at the 2002 Berlin Film Festival. August 28, 2004 ? 19:40:00 ? CIN√ČMA PARISIEN 3 ? P3.28.6 ? August 29, 2004 ? 15:30:00 ? CIN√ČMA PARISIEN 3 ? P3.29.3 ? August 30, 2004 ? 11:30:00 ? CIN√ČMA PARISIEN 3 ? P3.30.2 ?

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