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End Racial Profiling Feeder March by DC Protests

On the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, we gathered and marched to draw attention to racial profiling in DC. We marched to the Lincoln Memorial where we joined tens of thousands from across the country. Fifty years ago, people demanded an end to Jim Crow and equal rights …

god bless stencils by Smeerch

"International Poster Art" by Lucamaleonte Sten e Lex Poster expo @ Esc via dei Reti, 15 – Roma via Flickr

The Three Graces by Dunechaser

The Three Graces of Greek Mythology — based on a statue by Antonio Canova in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Banned on Brickshelf!!! via Flickr

Day 170/365 – God Loves Assholes by Great Beyond

Realizing the potential inherent drama, I’ve always wanted to photograph the nut jobs from the Westboro Baptist Church in action, but I’ve always been far too lazy to actually go and track them down. But hey, when The Demented Fred Phelps Roadshow comes to town, that’s actually close enough for …

“Hand of God Sculpture” @ “London’s Royal Exchange” by Loco Steve

The Hand of God is a visually symbolic piece representing a life journey filled with all kinds of strong emotions. Created by Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, the large-scale public installation features a giant hand reaching out from the ground and supporting a slouched, possibly downtrodden, figure resting atop the palm. …

We Have Signs by Rubin 110

20100128 Out numbered. If you’re curious what the smaller signs say, there is an All Sizes button. If you’re wondering why we have some interesting signs, this article might help you. I’m the unicorn. Edrabbit has created an awesome sign generating thing. Check it out. Remember, god hates retweets. Hello …