Marine Le Pen of the French Front National — Disrupted in Quebec City!


Comrades in Quebec City organized with just a few days’ notice to successfully disrupt a press conference held by Marine Le Pen — leader of the far right anti-immigrant French Front National – earlier today.

Le Pen is in Quebec for a week of racist rabblerousing, which was to include press conferences in Quebec City and Montreal, and in which she hoped to meet with canadian politicians. Fearing the protests which have “welcomed” previous forays by the FN into Quebec in the past, Le Pen only announced she would be coming in Friday, the day she actually arrived. ((Twice in the 1990s, the Front National sent high-level members to Quebec to publicly attempt to organize support for the far-right part here. Each time they were successfully preempted by antifascist protests.))

Below you can see a video of the successful disruption, organized and executed with less than 48 hours notice:

Stay tuned — and if you can, clear your agendas — for news of similar actions planned for Montreal over the next few days

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