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Beginner’s Kata: uncensored stray thoughts on revolutionary organization, by J. Sakai

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“Beginner’s mind” is a zen phrase. It reminds us that when we first took this path as beginners, we approached it almost with awe. Self-conscious of knowing so little—knowing nothing, really—we were open for seeing anything. Aware mostly of how unimportant our own little knowledge was. But as we became much more experienced, even became “expert,” it was different. We could separate useful from scrap, what we judge is good from bad, so automatically we hardly needed to pause over it. Our journey became a polished routine. And now we sometimes ...........READ MORE


The Dangerous Class and Revolutionary Theory: Thoughts on the Making of the Lumpen/Proletariat

by J. Sakai

308 pages
ISBN: 978-1-894946-90-2

J. Sakai’s ground-breaking, The “Dangerous Class” and Revolutionary Theory: Thoughts on the Making of the Lumpen/Proletariat, is our first major exploration of this most controversial and least understood “non-class” in revolutionary politics. It is an attempt to unknot the puzzle.  It encompasses the threads of criminality as well as gender, of breaking social boundaries and eating the bitterest of class politics.

At all times, the author interrogates the forming of left theory on this “dangerous class” by the highway flare  of his own experiences, and more importantly the mass violent liberation ...........READ MORE


Entscheidend ist die Besatzungsmentalität: What’s crucial is the mentality of conquest and occupation

The following interview with J. Sakai was conducted by Gabriel Kuhn for the German radical monthly, “analyse & kritik” ( commonly known there as “AK” ).  Both the German-language translation in that  journal and this version, have been edited down considerably for reasons of space.   analyse & kritik (ak), no. 624, February 21, 2017

Q. In an interview from the year 2000, titled “When Race Burns Class”, you said the following with respect to the status of the white working class within the U.S. Left: “So the white workers as a whole are either the revolutionary answer – which ...........READ MORE


Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat from Mayflower to Modern


Settlers is a uniquely important book in the canon of the North American revolutionary left and anticolonial movements. First published in the 1980s by activists with decades of experience organizing in grassroots anticapitalist struggles against white supremacy, the book soon established itself as an essential reference point for revolutionary nationalists and dissident currents within the predominantly colonialist Marxist-Leninist and anarchist movements at that time.

Always controversial within the establishment Left, Settlers uncovers centuries of collaboration between capitalism and white workers and their organizations, as well as their neocolonial allies, showing how the United States was designed from the ground ...........READ MORE


The Shock of Recognition (J. Sakai)

“Fascism has shown that it can gather mass support. In many nations the far right, including fascism, has become a popular oppositional force to the new globalized imperialism. In many countries the far right has replaced the left as the main political opposition . It doesn’t get more critical than this. This stands the old leftist notion about fascism on its head. It isn’t just about some other country. Without a serious revolutionary analysis of fascism we can’t understand, locate or combat it right here. And if you don’t think that’s a serious problem, you’ve got your back turned to ...........READ MORE

J. Sakai Reviews AIDS Conspiracy Theories

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David Gilbert’s A.I.D.S. Conspiracy? Tracking the Real Genocide is a strong contribution to our knowledge about how to fight the Plague. At first, like so many of us, i thought this horrifying epidemic just had to be some biological warfare experiment run loose. The often-quoted “evidence” in the writings of Dr. William Campbell Douglass, M.D., helped convince me. So it was a real eye-opener for me to learn from David Gilbert’s paper that this Dr. Douglass wasn’t a Black nationalist, as i’d assumed, but a white Right-wing racist whose “evidence” is all fake.

To ...........READ MORE

G20 or Bust

The following was written by J. Sakai in response to the G20 “debate” on the left in the hot summer of 2010:

The biggest problem with the “Mr. Black Bloc Has Fun in Toronto” debate, is that it’s so unrealistic. More like the two-dimensional scenery “flats” on school theatrical stages.

Take the cardboard, conspiracy-nut assumptions being used, apparently without any thought at all. Like, that the police are all-powerful and can easily snuff out hundreds of black-masked anarchists in the middle of many thousands of other protesters and bystanders on crowded streets, any time they wish just by snapping their ...........READ MORE

Zolo Agona Azania and David Gilbert, Two Teachers Out of Prison

David Gilbert – NO SURRENDER: writings from an anti-imperialist political prisoner.  Arm The Spirit/Guillen. 2004. 284p. Paperback book.  $20.00

Zolo Agona Azania – Money & Power: Hook or Crook. Kersplebedeb. 2004. 53p. Pamphlet.  $3.95

In the 1960s it was common for protesters on the streets to get their ideas right through the bars–from the fiery scribes of the prison revolutionaries like George Jackson, Eldridge Cleaver and Malcolm X. Now, in a fresh 21st century when everything including prisons are morphing, prison revolutionaries are still tugging on our coatsleeves. These two writings are alike in being strong-minded, in being anti-imperialist, but ...........READ MORE

Beyond McAntiwar: notes on finding our footing in the collapsing stageset of the u.s. empire

As certain as color
Passes from the petal
Irrevocable as flesh
The gazing eye falls through the world

Ono No Komachi


Ever since World Trade came crashing down, conspiracy theories have been like the favorite beverage of men’s protest politics. Wilder the better.  Major problems exist with being obsessed about these possible conspiracies, however. We see grainy photos “proving” that the Pentagon was never hit at all (and guesses that the United Airlines passengers were probably flown to a remote desert base in Area 51 to be executed secretly by the c.i.a.). ...........READ MORE

Riffs on the BRICK

Riffs on the Brick: checking out the BRICK anarchist collective’s political statement
Jaybird 2 6/03

Okay, i agreed to kick in some marxist feedback on this anarchist statement, and immediately regretted it. Nothing personal, but organizational political statements usually show the worst, most official-sounding side of us. Stopped reading them years ago. But the BRICK anarchist collective’s Above and Below: Them, Them and Us is short, modest & to the point. i found it thought-provoking (both for what it said and for what it didn’t), with some gutsy ideas. Naturally, there’s lots to disagree with. And many questions. Want to ...........READ MORE