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The Daily News Job Fair at The New Yorker Hotel on January 10, 2007.Thousands lined up for a chance to apply or hand out their resume to a variety of employers.  ( Frances Roberts) (Newscom TagID: lrphotos034999)     [Photo via Newscom]

Surplus Absorption, Realization Crisis, and Imperialism (David Gilbert, November 2015)

David Gilbert, a political prisoner held in New York State since 1981, wrote the following text in 2015, examining the the ways in which capitalism is confronted by, and contends with, crises in surplus absorption and realization, in the imperialist age.

David was not entirely satisfied with this text in the end, however here at Kersplebedeb i thought it actually was pretty thought-provoking and useful, so he agreed that i could put it online, which is what i am doing. For more information about David, including his contact information, please click here



Left authors often describe various ...........READ MORE


Marx & Philosophy Review of Books reviews Eurocentrism and the Communist Movement (JMP)

Biel provides convincing arguments as to how the failure of Marxist movements to divest themselves of a Eurocentric worldview is intimately connected to opportunism and mechanical materialism. The opportunist position of reform over revolution, or the peaceful existence with capitalism, was historically premised on the denial of struggles at the global peripheries, and collaboration with colonialism; the theory of productive forces was premised on a development discourse where colonial development should be supported so as to create a third world proletariat and bourgeoisie. This Eurocentric blockage would carry over into other Marxist tendencies, even ones that were not immediately revisionist ...........READ MORE


Eurocentrism and the Communist Movement

Robert Biel’s Eurocentrism and the Communist Movement traces the history of Eurocentric — and anti-Eurocentric — currents in the Marxist-Leninist tradition, arguing that this distortion was key to the development and spread of revisionism, and ultimately to the failures of the communist project, in the 20th century.

A work of intellectual history, Eurocentrism and the Communist Movement explores the relationship between Eurocentrism, alienation, and racism, while tracing the different ideas about imperialism, colonialism, “progress”, and non-European peoples as they were grappled with by revolutionaries in both the colonized and colonizing nations. Teasing out racist errors and anti-racist insights within this ...........READ MORE

Reflections on the RCP’s "Legitimate Revolt Is Not a ‘Conspiracy’"

Just finished translating this text by the Revolutionary Communist Party – the Quebec-based Maoist organization, not the american avakian outfit – examining post-G20 fallout on the left:

Legitimate Revolt Is Not a “Conspiracy” provides a pro-militancy critique of the “Trotskyist and revisionist” left and their shameful rush to spit on the Black Block and present themselves as “good protesters”. It is a welcome voice of solidarity, and as such the RCP stands out from the morass of shameless sycophants on the left, who just couldn’t wait to reassure the state that they were “good protesters”.

What the RCP has ...........READ MORE

LAMENTATIONS OF Job Capitalist, A Bankrupt.

CAPITAL, my God and my Master, why hast Thou turned Thy countenance from me? What sin have I committed that Thou shouldst cast me from the heights of prosperity and plague me with the burden of poverty?

2. Have I not lived according to Thy laws? Were my actions not agreeable to the Law and the Statute?

3. Canst Thou charge me with ever having worked? Have I not tasted all pleasures, which my millions and my senses allowed? Have I not harnessed men, women and children into my service, and driven them even beyond the point of endurance? Have ...........READ MORE

"Where License Reigns With All Impunity" : An Anarchist Study of the Rotinonshón:ni Polity

There is a major historical examination of the Rotinonshón:ni, or Iroquois Confederacy, up on the NEFAC site.

The essay tries to place discussion of the traditional way of life of the Iroquois within the framework of anarchist (and marxist) theory, while not shying away from criticisms of the latter. This is always a risky endeavour, trying to bridge what at first blush may appear as radically different traditions, but this essay seems to be one of the better attempts to do so. Regardless of whether or not one agrees that indigenism is the ancestor of anarchism, it’s an interesting ...........READ MORE

Radicals and the State

Upping The Anti #3 features interviews with Aijaz Ahmad and William Robinson, each of whom discusses different questions, looking at different parts of the world, but nevertheless both touch on some common concerns. I’m not sure if this was the intention of the UTA crew or just happy happenstance, but the interviews work well side by side. (in this post i will be ignoring much of what each interview touches upon – not because the subject matter is not important, but simply in order to tease out one subject, that of State power, for closer examination.)

In discussion with Tom ...........READ MORE

Thinking About Growing Pains

Here are some further thoughts on Upping the Anti, the radical journal out of Toronto, Canada…

The most ambitious part of Upping the Anti #3 is clearly its editorial, titled Growing Pains: The Anti-Globalization Movement, Anti-Imperialism and the Politics of the United Front. This is really a look at the radical left today, bringing some fresh air to the subject and making several interesting claims. While it contains some misplaced analogies and at times remains unclear, it provides some useful tools and insights. Worth discusssing.

Growing Pains starts from the fairly uncontroversial observation that the September 11th 2001 ...........READ MORE

Hezbollah and the Left

During the failed Israeli invasion of Lebanon earlier this year many of us were both wary and intrigued about the political nature of Hezbollah, the Islamic organization which provoked and then successfully repelled the attack. Flags went up because of Hezbollah’s close ties to the Iranian regime, its religious ideology and past conflicts with the left. It was easy for us to assimilate it into the broader rise of right-wing anti-imperialist Islam.

While some comrades went so far as to describe the Party of God as fascist, others considered it to be progressive, even left-wing. Mention was made of current ...........READ MORE