Poison Girls

Poison Girls preforming at the squatted Zig Zag Club in London, December 1982

Poison Girls preforming at the squatted Zig Zag Club
in London, December 1982 (photo: G. Burnett)

The Poison Girls were a British anarcho-punk band, at one point a part of that scene around Crass. The female singer, Vi Subversa, wrote songs that kicked patriarchy in the teeth, bringing the kind of punk energy associated with “anarcho-punk” to bear on women’s experiences and struggles. From what i understand, Vi got turned on to punk when two of her kids formed their own band (The Fatal Microbes – they went on to be half of Rubella Ballet) – she figured this was something she might be good at, and the rest is history. Vi once described the band as the “dildo in the anus of the music business” – to which one might say “lucky music business”!

Poisongirls released 5 albums and eight EP’s and singles. In 1995, to celebrate Vi’s 60th birthday, the band did a one-off reunion gig at the LA2.

Until recently, I myself only heard their music on old dubbed tapes, which as the years went by slowly degraded in quality.  When i found out that Active Distribution in the UK sold a complete box set of all of Poison Girls’ material, on CDS, i couldn’t resist!

What did i think? Well, i liked the band before, and i really like the band now, so much so that i have put up this section of my site devoted to them, so you figure it out…


December 2010 update:

Great news – there is now an official Poison Girls website being put up by former members. Already have loads of good stuff up, including a “Myths and Legends” debunking of the fake history out there, and promise to soon have all their old artwork and music downloadable form!

Check it out: http://www.poisongirls.co.uk


if you would like to see a more detailed Discography, with pictures of the album covers and songlists, you should visit http://www.poisongirls.co.uk/music.html


  • “Closed Shop/Piano Lessons” (X-N-Trix Records, 1979, split 12″ single with Fatal Microbes)
  • Hex (X-N-Trix, 1979, rereleased on Crass Records, 1981)
  • “Persons Unknown” (Crass Records, 1980, joint single with Crass as a benefit to raise funds to start an Anarchist Centre)
  • Chappaquidick Bride (Crass Records, 1980)
  • “All Systems Go!” (Crass Records, 1981)
  • Total Exposure (live LP) (X-N-Trix, 1981)
  • Where’s the Pleasure? (X-N-Trix, 1982)
  • “One Good Reason” (Illuminted Records, 1983)
  • “Are You Happy Now?” (Illuminated Records, 1983)
  • “I’m Not A Real Woman” (X-N-Trix, 1984)
  • Seven Year Scratch (X-N-Trix, 1984, double compilation from previous releases plus live material)
  • Songs of Praise (1985, features cover artwork by Clifford Harper)
  • “The Price of Grain” (1985)
  • Statement- The Complete Recordings (Cooking Vinyl, 1995, 4 CD boxed set with accompanying lyric and history booklets)


i am uploading these mp3s on the assumption that this would be cool with whomever holds the rights – if not just email me at info@kersplebedeb.com and let me know!


  1. Abort the System
  2. Alienation
  3. All the Way
  4. Another Hero
  5. Bremen Song
  6. Bully Boys
  7. Cat’s Eye
  8. Cinnamon Garden
  9. Closed Shop
  10. Cream Dream
  11. Crisis
  12. Cupid
  13. Daughters and Sons
  14. Desperate Days
  15. Dirty Work
  16. Don’t Go Home Tonight
  17. Done It all Before
  18. Fear of Freedom
  19. Feeling the Pinch
  20. Fuckin’ Mother
  21. Girls Over There
  22. Good Time
  23. Happy Now (12″ mix)
  24. Hole in the Wall
  25. Hot for Love
  26. Ideologically Unsound
  27. Jenny
  28. Jump Mama Jump
  29. Let it Go
  30. Lovers Are They Worth It?
  31. Mandy Is Having a Baby
  32. Menage Abattoir
  33. Mirrors and Glass
  34. No More Lies
  35. Offending Article
  36. Old Tart
  37. Other
  38. Perfect Crime
  39. Persons Unknown
  40. Piano Lessons
  41. Political Love
  42. Pretty Polly
  43. Price of Grain
  44. Promenade Immortelle
  45. Real Woman
  46. Reality Attack
  47. Revenge
  48. Rio Disco Stink
  49. Riot In My Mind
  50. Rockface
  51. Soft Touch
  52. SS Snoopers
  53. State Control
  54. Statement
  55. Stonehenge
  56. Take the Toys
  57. Tell the Children
  58. Tender Love
  59. Tension
  60. The Moon
  61. Too Close for Comfort
  62. Too Proud
  63. Underbitch
  64. Under the Doctor
  65. Velvet Launderette
  66. Voodoo Pappadolla
  67. Where’s the Pleasure
  68. Whiskey Voice
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