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Free All Children by Kombizz

Israel is holding more than 5000 Palestinians in its prisons. 200 of them are children. The report by The Palestinian Prisoners Society says there are also 15 women among the prisoners. The group says Palestinian prisoners are subjected to torture and maltreatment in Israeli jails, with 1,400 of them suffering critical health conditions. It also says that 150 Palestinian prisoners are suffering from serious diseases such as cancer. Four have lost their lives this year alone due to their illnesses. The group is urging the international community and human rights organizations to take action against Israel. Meanwhile, international human rights ...........READ MORE

Solidarity march for Michael Brown in response to the Ferguson grand jury decision by Fibonacci Blue

Minneapolis, Minnesota

November 25, 2014 around 6pm

The march was around 2000 people. Some marchers crossed over into the southbound traffic, which was at a standstill, and walked through the cars. Around 20 protesters walked down the ramp to I-35 to consider marching down the interstate highway. The rest of the march continue north on Hiawatha.

Common chants during the march:
No justice. No peace. Prosecute the police.
Hands up. Don’t shoot.
When I say Michael, you say Brown. Michael. Brown. Michael. Brown.

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Black Lives Matter march down I-35 by Fibonacci Blue

Minneapolis Minnesota

December 4 2014

This protest and march was in response to several unarmed people of color being killed by law enforcement in the United States recently and the subsequent lack of charges or punishment for the police involved. The most recent was Eric Garner who was wrestled to the sidewalk and held by the neck until until he was dead as he occasionally said, "I can’t breathe". On the day before this event, it was announced the police would not be indicted on any criminal charges.

The police stopped traffic about a half mile behind the march. Other ...........READ MORE

Million March Minnesota in Minneapolis by Fibonacci Blue

Minneapolis, Minnesota

December 13, 2014

Around 1000 people gathered in downtown Minneapolis for Million March Minnesota, a rally and protest against deaths of people of color at the hands of police. The crowd listened to speakers at Government Plaza, and a good number of them marched through the streets to shut down Hennepin Avenue and march back.

2014-12-13 This is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Give attribution to: Fibonacci Blue

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Fuck the border burn the prisons banner – Refugee Action protest 27 July 2013 Melbourne by John Englart (Takver)

Melbourne Refugee and asylum seeker rights rally Saturday 27 July 2013, to protest both the Rudd Labor Government new proposal for assessment and resettlement of asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea, and the Liberal Party’s hard line stand to use the military to turn back the boats.

Both Labor and Liberal Policies are an abrogation of international codified rights to seek asylum in the UN Refugee convention after the Second World War.

The protest in Melbourne gathered at the State Library, then marched down Swanston St to Bourke Street Mall, then on to Federation Square. Aboout 4000 to 5000 attended ...........READ MORE

Bonegilla Migrant Camp by yewenyi

This was the first ever migrant camp, opened in 1947. It closed in 1971 after having processed over 300,000 migrants. Some migrants had come back to visit while I was there, but I did not ask what they mean by processed.

From wikipedia.

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Free all Political prisoners banner – Refugee Children in Immigration Detention Protest Broadmeadows by John Englart (Takver)

The Refugee Action Collective organised a march and protest on Saturday 2 April 2011 against children in immigration detention outside the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation at Camp Road, Broadmeadows.

Despite Labor’s October announcement that all children would be released from detention, there are still more than 1,000 children locked up including more than 140 young asylum seekers from the ages of 13-18 are detained in the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation at Camp Road, Broadmeadows.

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MLK – peace rally – gainesville, florida – corner of university and 13th by therese flanagan

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Martin Luther King

My mom and I went to a peace rally yesterday and this is the sign we held.
Check out Chris Hedges’ blog today: The Treason of the Intellectuals –…

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